Decorating a tween boy’s room can be challenging, but this mum from Narrabri, New South Wales absolutely nailed the challenge with her video game console TV unit.

Rather than simply attach the TV to the wall, she decided to take it up a level and design a Nintendo Switch case to place around the TV.

How cool does it look? It’s an exact replica of a Nintendo Switch console too!

video game console tv unit
Gamer’s Video Goals!  Source: Facebook

How to make a video game TV unit

Katie Browning shared her idea in Bunnings Mums Australia and we loved it.

But how did she do it? We reached out to Katie to find out.

As Katie tells us,

I started by building a frame to fit the TV. Then I boxed it out on each side to create the look of a switch.

I soaked thin timber sheeting in water until it was bendable and wrapped the outside of the console with it. Once I was happy with it and it was dry I painted it and sealed it with a gloss finish.

The buttons were made out of offcuts of timber cut into circles.”

Give this girl a DIY trophy!!!

Video game tv unit

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