Video: Son Hilariously Adds Trombone Sound Effects to His Mum’s Life

Sons. You gotta love them. Even the ones who chase you around the house with a massive brass instrument, musically narrating your every move. This mum walks to the beat of her own trombone. Literally.

Musician Peet Montzingo did just that and the results are equal parts hilarious and adorable. The patience of his mum – my goodness! That woman deserves a trophy.

Life as a mum, in e minor

From chopping veggies to pulling clothes out of the dryer, from watering plants to sweeping the driveway, there is no shortage of tasks for mum. And Peet finds the perfect tune or sound to accompany all of them.

Peet shares his Sound Effecting my Mom videos on his Instagram account but we’ve got the full compilation video below. It’s well worth a look! And wait till the end, when mum gets a hold of a kazoo. So funny!

YouTube video


While being chased around the house with a trombone is probably not the most relaxing mother-son activity, you have to admit, it’s better than being completely ignored by your too-cool-for-you-teen. Clearly, these two have fun with one another.

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