21 Hilariously Awkward Wedding Photo Fails that Win the Internet

We love a good photo fail. When you add a wedding to it, well, it doesn’t get any funnier! Check out these 21 wedding photo fails that are so terrible you won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

We’ve listed our favourite at the bottom but let us know which one you would put in the #1 position.

So, without further ado, let the countdown of awkward wedding photo fails begin.

Just wait til #1. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

#21. Shotgun wedding 

wedding photo fails

Coming in at #21 is a good ol’ fashion wedding/gun photo shoot to celebrate a couple’s love for each other. And shooting things.  Except the groom isn’t even in the photo and the bridesmaids look like they want to kill someone… I’d be running for the hills if I was the groom.

#20. Glam shot

wedding photo fails

Next, we have this glam shot of a new wife and her husband, who appears to be either checking for head lice or preparing to attack her. Either way, we’re glad this isn’t hanging in our front hallway.

#19. Mind the man 

wedding photo fails

Here we have a lovely kissing shot as the bride and groom say “I do”.

Never mind Uncle Joe passed out underneath them.

#18. Matchy matchy 

wedding photo fails

And here is another winner as Little Boo Peep finds her happily ever after.

#17. Fruit salad

wedding photo fails

Check out these perfectly placed pears.

#16. The happiest day of our lives.

wedding photo fails

Can’t you see it on our faces?

#15. Peek a boo! 

wedding photo fails

I don’t really know what’s going on here but that little boy looks horrified.

#14.  Dressed to impress

wedding photo fails

Sometimes strapless dresses are not a good choice.

#13. Ice queens

awkward wedding photos

So much awkward goodness in this winter wonderland of weirdness. But, in case you need even more reasons to love this photo, check out the stuffed pink dog and penguin that also made the pic.

#12. If Xena and Cupid were to have a kid…

awkward wedding photos

We found her!

#11. Bend it 

awkward wedding photos

We love wedding photo fails that involve something odd in the background, like this lovely photo where the bride and groom are clearly upstaged by the couple attempting doggy style in the daylight.

#10. Caught ya!

awkward wedding photos

These women are clearly peeing in the bushes. CAUGHT!

#9.  I love loo

awkward wedding photos

Maybe the girls above are weeing in the bush because this couple has hogged the toilets for a charming photo shoot? Why does the dude look all wet??

#8. Foot long

awkward wedding photos

I actually have no words for this one.

#7. Cake topper

mum central

I think the best thing about this photo is the bride’s reaction to being an actual life-sized cake. She looks thrilled about the whole experience.

#6.  Pucker up 

mum central

I’m sure the cat’s just as peeved that the happy couple got in the way of his money shot.

#5. S&M forever

awkward wedding photos

I mean, they could have gone with M&S… but nope.

#4. Three’s a crowd

awkward wedding photos

Nothing ruins your wedding photo like a naked man crawling out from the sea behind you.


#3. A whole lot of weirdness

wedding photo fails

Or, scratch that. We found something worse. A drunk nearly-naked dude with a collection of beer bottles standing next to a giant ball. There’s a lot going on in this photo. None of which is good.

#2. Pocket wife

wedding photo fails

Our number #2 position belongs to this beauty of a shot which features a very happy husband carrying his itty bitty bride in his front pocket.

How could anything beat this?

#1. Open wide

wedding photo fails

Well, when it involves a bride, a bridesmaid, and a massive… elbow (or is it a hand??) then we’re calling it our winner!

It doesn’t get any more awks than this, folks!

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Photos from: Scubby, Trendy Matter and Pinterest.

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