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41 Modern Unique Middle Names that Add a Little Pizazz

Does it seem like every second person you meet has the middle name Rose? Or Louise. Or Grace. We’ve actually done the research on the most popular middle names and all three of these names top the charts (plus James, John and William for boys).

Don’t get me wrong – these middle names are lovely and they work so well with a number of first names. But if you’re looking to go for something a little less popular and a little more quirky, then have we got some unique middle name choices for you!

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If you like Rose, try: 

Marigold – Another flower name, Marigold is a sunny choice.

Poppy – Sticking to the flower theme, you may like the bright and sassy Poppy for your baby’s middle name.

Sage – Sage is short and sweet like Rose but we’ve moved from flowers to spices.

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If you like Grace, try

Honor – Another cute virtue name to consider.

True – Unique and pretty, True is also a lovely choice.

If you like Anne or Lynn, try

Wren – Wren comes with the same “n” ending as Anne and Lynn but it’s definitely a lot more modern.

Bryn – Another “n” ending that you may have overlooked, Bryn is edgy and feminine.

If you like May, try 

June – Sticking to the monthly themes,  June pairs well with plenty of names. Ava, Isla, Mia – all cute with June!

Wynter – If you do like seasonal names, Wynter is another great choice!

If you like Jane or Jade, try

Jai – Jai delivers the same “J” sound and works well with plenty of two and three-syllable names.

Rain – Another similar sounding alternative to Jane.

Ada – Vintage meets feminine, a classic combo!

If you like Louise, try

Luna – Luna continues to climb the charts as a first name but it’s also a great option for a unique middle name, especially if your daughter has a one-syllable first name.

Lux – We love the name Lux and predict big things, especially as a middle name.

Eloise – Same same, but a little more French and less popular.

If you like Maree or Marie, try

Monroe – If you’re looking for an “M” name, then Monroe offers a unique spin on Maree.

Marlee/Marlowe – Both Marlee and Marlow are also pretty cute as middle names.

Aria – Another unique take on Marie, ideal if you want to honour grandma Marie but aren’t keen on using that exact name.

Other unique options 

Scout – Whether you’re a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird or not, Scout is a cute option, especially with longer first names.

Snow – A pretty and pure choice.

Terra – Another word for ‘earth’, Terra is a unique choice for nature lovers.

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If you like Alexander, try

August – Sticking to the A-tradition, August is a lovely choice, regardless of what month bub is born.

Arlo – Arlo is a great middle name choice to pair with a longer first name. 

Auden – A cute choice for literary lovers.

Arrow – Another A middle name, Arrow may be a bit too bold as a first name but it makes a cute middle name.

Maverick – Like Alexander, Maverick works well with a one-syllable first name.

If you like John or James, try

Jude – Sticking to the “J” middle name, Jude works well with plenty of popular first names.

Johnnie – Take a classic name and add a cute ending and what do you have? An adorable middle name that also honours any grandpa Johns in the family.

Jet – Another one-syllable “J” name to add to the mix.

If you like David or William, try

Dominic – Strong and long, Dominic is a cute alternative to David.

Theodore – Another traditional choice for a middle name, you could also just go for Theo.

If you like Michael or Thomas, try

Matteo – A more modern option for Michael.

Tobias – A more modern choice for Thomas.

Mika – Another name similar to Michael but with a unique spin to it.

Other unique middle names for boys

Hux – A cute combo of Huxley and Huck, we reckon this name is going places, especially as a middle name.

Sol – Sol means “ray of sunshine” – definitely a sunny choice!

Fox – Clever and cunning, little foxes are known for their curious nature. Fox works great as a middle name, especially when paired with a longer first name.

Wolfe – Here’s another cute animal-inspired name that may be a bit too edgy to use as a first name.

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Gender-neutral middle names

Poe –  If you’re a fan of the poet, this one may work for you.

Quinn – We also love Quinn for both a little boy or girl.

Gray – Gray works for both males and females and is one of our favourite colour names.

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