Oaklen’s Adorable Australiana Birthday Party

Here’s a stunning Australiana themed birthday party for a newly minted one-year-old that will have you simultaneously sighing awww and chanting Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!

If you’re planning a birthday party this month, with Australia Day looming could there be a greater excuse to throw an Australiana themed birthday party? Mum of two Hannah, has nailed the brief better than I’ve ever seen before, fair dinkum!

Australiana themed party
Ready to partaaayyyy, Australiana style! Source: Hannah Marshal

The theme is set

A koala obsessed older sibling helped Hannah cement the Australiana themed birthday party for soon to be one-year-old Oaklen. When asked why she decided on an Aussie theme, Hannah said:

I chose the Australiana theme because my older son is actually obsessed with koalas so when I decorated my younger sons nursery I themed it all Australian animals, and it all just fit together so nicely. I also wanted something quite neutral!”

Which is also, might we add, an EXCELLENT way to keep parties in check with your budget. Work with what you have, folks!

The menu full of Aussie classics

A throwback to all the childhood favourites, Oaklen’s party food table was covered in gorgeous Aussie snack foods. From cob loaf to honey joys, chocolate crackles and Vegemite pinwheels. No cheese platter is complete without Aussie favourite kabana and let’s not forget lamingtons and Iced Vovos for good measure.

mum central
Cob loaf for days! Source: Hannah Marshal

If you look closely, you’ll see tiny cut-outs of the smiling birthday boy on toothpicks, ADORABLE!

Australiana themed party
We spy the birthday boy in a Vegemite pinwheel! Source: Hannah Marshal

And naturally, there’s FAIRY BREAD!

Australiana birthday party
Yes mate! FAIRY BREAD! Source: Hannah Marshal

Hannah outsourced the simple and elegantly wrapped birthday sugar cookies which make for a sweet party favours, freeing her up for the showstopper – which has to be Hannah’s cake.

Australiana birthday party
The sweetest cake hack there ever was, Hannah’s koala cake. Source: Hannah Marshal

This sweet koala cake is a magnificent Woolies cake hack stack. Hannah stacked three Woolworths mud cakes together, attached Wagon Wheels for ears, Maltesers for eyes, marshmallow for cheeks and half a Kinder Surprise for the nose. And the result of the cake hack decorating is nothing short of amazingly brilliant.

The details, so many gorgeous details

I would quite happily crown Hannah the party queen, not only did she blitz the cake creating, but she also nailed the decorating. Hannah managed to expertly wrangle together a stunning balloon garland in glorious Australiana tones, chopping up a jungle garland, morphing monstera leaves into gum leaf shapes.

A few Australiana themed decorations such as the Kmart echidna and the kids’ favourite toys really helped set the scene and the party was set to begin!

Australiana birthday party
Source: Hannah Marshal

Happy birthday sweet Oaklen, your Australiana themed birthday party is as sweet as what you are!

If you have a birthday party you’d like to share, please reach out to us, we’d love to see it.

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