You Can Now Buy Toblerone Ice Cream

Get in my belly! Toblerone Ice Cream is a thing and you can now buy it at Woolworths.

I’ll admit that I sometimes sneak those mega-blocks into my trolley and I hide them in the cupboards the kids can’t reach.

Toblerone is my weakness. I can’t get enough of the chocolate and honey-nougat combo. So the news that you can now buy Toblerone Ice Cream has made me want to rush out to my nearest Woolies this morning.

Toberlone Ice cream comes in a tasty triangle shape. It was first released in the UK and the Philippines in 2018, but this is the first time it has been available for sale in Australia. Even better, a pack of four is just $8.50. But I just checked Woolworths Online and it is ON SALE for $5 a box.

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Toblerone Ice Cream is currently on sale at Woolworths. Photo: Woolworths

Excuse me while I duck to the shops!

The only problem is that I can’t hide this one. The kids always look through the freezer.

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