10 Awesome Raincoats for Kids That’ll Really Make a Splash!

The wintery weather has sent many of us in search of new raincoats because somehow last year’s just doesn’t fit like it used to, right? RIGHT! Here are 10 of our favourite kids’ raincoats to suit every kid AND every budget, ranging from classic favourites to modern and funky designs.

The wet weather might make us adults feel like we want to cocoon in the warmth indoors. BUT the rain, puddles and mud beckon the younger members of our family to come out and play. Dressed appropriately, kids will have a blast outside in the winter weather – you just have to keep them DRY.

And what do you need to keep them from getting sodding wet? A raincoat of course.

What to look for when buying a kids’ raincoat:

  • Look for raincoats that are made from fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. All plastic gets very sweaty!
  • Fit is important. Choose a raincoat that’s not so tight and restrictive that it’s impossible to play in.
  • Tempting as it is to buy a thick waterproof coat, choose a raincoat that is lightweight and won’t take days to dry out.
  • A lightweight raincoat means it can be whipped on and off with ease and stuffed in a bag or pram basket without taking up heaps of space.
  • A cinched-in waist and adjustable cuffs help keep the rain OUT – and is also great for handing down to younger siblings.
  • Raincoats with hoods keep heads and ears protected and pockets never go astray either, keeping treasures safe.
  • Finally, buying a size bracket fit (for example, size 1 -2) means the raincoat will fit for longer, as well as make it easier to pass down to siblings!

Ready to make a splash? Let’s dive into our 10 of our favourite raincoat picks!

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1. Rainkoat Stripy Sailor Raincoat

kids raincoats
Adorable with stripe sailor lining and buttons galore. Source: Rainkoat

PRICE: $90
SIZES TO FIT: 0 to 10

The Rainkoat Stripy Sailor raincoats are a colourful classic. With eight colours to choose from, there’s a Rainkoat to suit everyone’s personality.

Available in sizes to fit tots to tweens, the Stripy Sailor raincoats feature a soft, striped 100% cotton lining, waterproof outer shell, zip and velcro fastening. Designed to fit for roomy layering, there are also generous front pockets for keeping little hands warm or storing treasures!

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2. Gorman Kids Raincoats

kids raincoats
Funky raincoats for serious street (and puddle jumping) cred. Source: Gorman

PRICE: $59
SIZES TO FIT: 2 to 10

If it’s a funky print raincoat you seek, Gorman should be your first port of call for colourful weather gear! From an exclusive Penguin Party print to Puffins and several beautiful prints in between, it’s raining FUN at Gorman.

Gorman raincoats are made of recycled PET water-resistant fabric to keep the wet weather out. These coats feature an elasticised body hem to help trap body heat (and keep dry), plus has cool front pockets, a hood and an easy-for-kids-to-use zip front opening. Excellent.

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3. Target Kids Raincoats

mum central
An easy find Australia wide, Target raincoat for dino lovers! Source: Target

PRICE: $35
SIZES TO FIT: Small to Large

Putting some roar into your rainwear, Target’s Kids Dinosaur Raincoat is perfect in wintery weather. It’s made from a lightweight, water-resistant material with a generously sized hood. It features a super cool yellow outline print on a navy base – count all the dinos if you dare!

The raincoat also has a cheery yellow press button closure, pockets and even has a handy name label in case it gets left behind in the playground.

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4. Korango Rainwear Colour Change Raincoats

kids raincoats
Construction never looked SO CUTE. Source: Korango

PRICE: $56.99
SIZES TO FIT: 9 months to 8 Years

Remember the hyper colour tees of your childhood? This is the raincoat equivalent! Almost like magic, Korango Rainwear Colour Change Raincoats change colour when they get wet. Being out in the rain has never been more fun.

Korango Rainwear Colour Change Raincoats are fleece lined for added warmth (the hood too!) and waterproof with a press button-down front closure. They’re sure to put some colour back into dreary, drizzly days with their awesome print collection including construction vehicles and unicorns!

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5. Cotton On Kids Raincoats

kids raincoats
Awesome bang for the buck, Cotton On Kids deliver the no-frills raincoat! Source: Cotton On Kids

PRICE: $19.99
SIZES TO FIT: 1 to 8

If it’s a no-frill raincoat you want, these Cloudburst and Phantom Tie Dye print jackets are a hit with the kids at Cotton On Kids. Providing an easy fit and waterproof outer layer for any outfit, wherever the rain might catch you out!

Perfect for travel, these Cotton On Kids raincoats fold down into a handy coordinating storage pocket. Awesome!shop now

6. French Soda Girls’ Raincoat

kids raincoats
Pretty as a picture in pink! Source: French Soda

PRICE: $74.95
SIZES TO FIT: 1 to 8

The only way to face the rain is in a pink raincoat. It’s sure to make a stylish, practical and colourful addition to any little ladies’ outfit.

We love the prettiness of the French Soda Girls’ Raincoat with its pretty pleating detail and tulip button-down shape. Super soft and waterproof on the outside and soft and snug on the inside with a cute pinstripe lining, it’ll be a go-to wardrobe staple all winter long!

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7. Crywolf Play Jackets

kids raincoats
New Zealand knows style with these funky raincoats for both little and big kids. Source: Crywolf

PRICE: $89.99
SIZES TO FIT: 1 to 14

From across the ditch, Crywolf waterproof play jackets are some of the most gorgeous rainwear I ever did see!

Choose from the coolest of prints that appeal to stylish kids and adults alike, these sustainably made jackets are a year-round essential if you live somewhere particularly wet. Elasticated cuffs with adjustable velcro to help keep little bodies warm in the wind and rain, PLUS these jackets are also completely machine washable. Woot!

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8. Wild Island Co Storm Catcher Raincoat

kids raincoats
Gorgeous with a sneaky nod to Australiana. Source: Wild Island Co

PRICE: $74.25
SIZES TO FIT: 2 to 9

Rain, storm or shine – the waterproof Storm Catcher kids raincoat combines style and functional quality to keep your kids dry and comfy!

We adore the unisex mustard colour of this raincoat, complete with an exclusive stunning native seedpod print. So sweet! Water and windproof, this raincoat is fully lined with concealed ribbed cuffs for less wind chill and more comfort when playing now

9. Cheeky Chickadee Wattle Kangaroo Raincoat

mum central
An Australiana themed raincoat with wattle and ‘roos – perfection! Source: Cheeky Chickadee

PRICE: $49.95
SIZES TO FIT: 1 to 12

A favourite of Cheeky Chickadee customers, how awesome is this fantastic Wattle Kangaroo Raincoat?!

A double-breasted raincoat design, it’s perfect for the school run, playground plays, beach walks and of course, skipping through puddles! Fully lined with pockets and a snap secure hood, this raincoat is sure to become a wardrobe favourite. Jump to it!

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10. Kmart Kids Rain Jacket

red kids raincoat
Kmart delivering the goods as always, the rain jacket for all seasons. Source: Kmart

PRICE: $25
SIZES TO FIT: 1 to 8

Kmart always does brilliant value for money and their kids’ raincoats are no exception. Gorgeous in a deep ‘Pom Red’ colour, this Kmart Kids Rain Jacket you’ll be able to thrash all winter long, for next to nix!

Take a look at the specs for yourself: Hooded neck, Long sleeves with snap button closure at cuffs, Concealed zip front closure with snap button closure at the top and bottom and 2 functional front pockets with flaps.

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There you have it, a list that’s raining raincoats! Have you got a favourite brand for rainwear? Let us know below, we’d love to hear it so we can add it to the list!

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    At some schools including public high schools they have to wear plain uniform colour ones.
    I don’t know about rain coats but I know you can get rain / spray jackets which have hoods at some department stores.
    They are usually easier to get in Jan / Feb at the beginning of the school year. I know Target have them. You can fold them very easily. Our kids keep a spare one in their backpacks. In Adelaide they are currently $15.00 normal price

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