The 100 Worst Baby Names Revealed

A UK parenting website has delved deep into the world of baby names to share what they believe are the top 100 worst baby names in the history of ever.

Of course, there isn’t such thing as the Naming God, but, according to Emma’s Diary, if there was, She would pick these names as the worst of the bunch. The website has listed several monikers that are beyond cringe – names that are spelled atrociously, names that aren’t even names, and names that are quite offensive.

Now, before we share this list, just remember, this is just one website’s opinion (not ours). But we tend to agree on quite a few of them!

Terrible baby names for boys 

On the boys’ side, we’ve got terrible choices such as Adolf, Dick, Lucifer, Hitler and Satan. You’ve also got out-there names like Danger, Inspecktor and Abaddon which literally means “place of doom”.

And let’s not forget the poorly spelled Anous (the poor kid) and Ebolah (ugh). Not to mention the shunned names like Nigel, Cletus and Boris.

Plenty of celeb-inspired OTT names also make the list including Legend, King, Spartacus and Champ. Elmo also got a shout-out.

Then we’ve also got the seemingly normal names that clearly haven’t aged well according to Emma’s Diary such as Bart, Brian, Dennis, Graham, Justin and Kevin.

However, we also see a few names that are actually quite common and trending such as Arlo, Louis, Sonny, Jax, Simon and Arthur. There isn’t much of an explanation as to why Emma’s Diary hates these names, but, hey, to each their own.

Here is the full list of worst baby names for boys

Abaddon Boris Dick Hitler Lucifer
Adolf Boss Diesel Jax Nigel
Anous Brian Doyle Jedi Satan
Ajax Buster Ebolah John Sadman
Akuji Cannon Edwood Justin Simon
Arthur Cletus Elmo Keeler Sonny
Arlo Champ Geoffrey Kevin Spartacus
Bart Chandler George King Stormy
Bear Danger Graham Legend Yugo
Bob Dennis Inspectkor Louis


Terrible baby names for girls

Now, moving on to the girls! Again, we’ve got some real winners here such as Tu Morrow (that’s tomorrow for anyone playing at home), Phelony (yes, someone named their kid Felony), Blaykelee, Beberly and Aliviah (because Olivia is apparently too normal).

Then we’ve got the next level of terrible featuring the one and only Boomquifa, Hellzel and Appaloosa.

Cutesy names such as Apple, Precious, Star, Baby and Princess are out as are old-school options such as Deirdre, Tracey, Ethyl and Flora.

You’ll also find plenty of brand names on the worst baby names list including Mercedes, Mattel and Maybelline.

Then you’ve also got some pretty normal contenders including Alice, Arabella and Mia. And, of course, Karen made the list.

Here is the full list of worst baby names for girls:

Alexa Beberly Flora Mercedes Skye
Aliviyah Blaykelee Helga Merica Sideo
Alice Boomquifa Hellzel Mia Star
Apple Chardonnay I’munique Nevaeh Thana
Appaloosa Deirdre Jerica North Tracey
Arabella Delilah Karen Panthy Tu Morrow
Ahmiracle Elizabreath Lana Phelony Taraminta
Any Emmi L’Oeal Precious Vejonica
Aimee Ethyl Mattel Princess Yuu
Baby Fanny Maybelline Sassi


What do you think of these names? Are they the worst of the worst? Or have you seen worse?

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