Mum Defends her Decision to Name Child after Aussie Icon

There are a lot of questionable baby names out there. While sometimes parents choose unique names as a way to stand out, it appears others simply do it to take the piss.

Case in point: Recently, a YouTuber named her child Malibu Barbie, and this is just one of the MANY examples of names that really shouldn’t have happened. 

However, an Australian mum has taken to TikTok to share her unusual Aussie icon moniker for her little Aussie baby. 

According to mum, Isabella Veronica Hayes, she was dead set on the name Commodore, named after the car, not the Navy ranking. However, you can’t use the name Commodore in Australia – all names of rank (such as Prince, Lord, Major and Duke) are illegal. 

So Isabella opted for Holden. Holden Commodore. Apparently, Commodore can be used as a middle name but not a first name. 

Honestly, it doesn’t get any more Aussie icon than that. Unless you went with Victoria Bitter. Or Waltzing Matilda. #PleaseDon’tDoThis

Suits him perfectly 

Isabella also shares that Holden Commodore just turned one and she is still in love with this unique name. 

He’ll be one soon, and I do not regret it at all. Holden Commodore suits him perfectly, and I know people will probably start copying me with the name because it’s so cool.”

Thousands of people have commented on Holden Commodore’s unique name, most suggesting that this wasn’t the best choice for a child. 

Many thought it was a joke name while one commented, “His rego is coming up then, don’t forget!” 

While the name Holden on its own is actually quite popular (mainly thanks to Catcher in the Rye), adding Commodore takes it next level. 

Top ten car-inspired names that aren’t Holden Commodore 

1. Lincoln – Lincoln is synonymous with luxury so it makes sense that people are choosing this moniker. Lincoln is the 41st most popular name for boys in Australia.

2. Bentley – Another stylish car, Bentley continues to climb the baby name charts in Australia as well as around the world.

3. Hudson – After the Hudson Hornet, this popular name is #14 on the most popular baby boy names…

4. Cruz – Cruz remains a popular name in Australia and we predict it will break the top 100 at some stage in the near future. Just don’t go with Holden Cruz as the full name. 

car-inspired baby names

5. Nova – One of the most trending names of 2021 is also the name of yet another Holden car (or a Chevy car if you’re in America).

6. Camry – A cute alternative to Camryn, Little Camry is reliable, zippy and packs a punch.

7. Alpha – Or Alfa, after Alfa Romeo. Alpha comes with a whole slew of interesting meanings. It’s the first letter in the Greek alphabet – oh look – and the first part of the word alphabet too! It also means dominant. Or you could go with Romeo (pronounced ruh·may·ow, not Rome-E-O). 

8. Indy – 360 anyone?

9. Kia – Sure, it’s a Korean car manufacturer, but it’s also a sweet and simple three-letter name that means “season’s beginning”.

10. Mack – Okay, technically Mack is a truck, but it’s still a cool name.

Fallen baby name

Commodore isn’t the only name that has been rejected at the registrar. Another name that has caused plenty of controversies is Lucifer, which, as you can guess, is banned in most countries. The couple who wanted this name for their son lived in Germany and, although it has very devilish connotations, it actually means “morning star” or “light-bringing” in Latin. 

However, German authorities didn’t care and the name Lucifer wasn’t allowed on the baby’s birth certificate. 

Liam not allowed

Liam also didn’t make it to the registrar. Which is weird because Liam is incredibly normal and popular in Australia. However, the issue lay in the fact that the parents, who lived in France, wanted to name their daughter Liam.

Apparently, Liam is reserved for boys only in France. Although unisex names are allowed in France, there is usually a slight variation to the name to help distinguish gender. For example, Jean and Jeanne. So, if Liam’s parents opted for Liame, perhaps this would be okay. 

While Liam wasn’t allowed, there have been plenty of horrifyingly terrible names that have been approved. 

Meet baby Glinnel Higgle Yiggle Yazzle, or whatever  

The name “Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl”, for example. 

Yes, this collection of consonances is actually an approved name in the Philippines, bestowed to a newborn baby boy by his Granduncle who was allowed to choose the newborn’s name. 

baby name

The name is actually made up of letters from different family members’ names. For example, in “Glhynnyl,” the letters G and N come from mum’s name, Geraldine, while N, Y, and L were taken from the baby’s grandmother Joralyn.

So how do you even pronounce this dribble? Glinil Hayler Izihil. 

Okay, now, for the cherry on top? Baby Glinnel Hayler Izzywallooo already has a nickname, thanks to Granduncle. Ready for it?


Cause his name does have about 8 billion of them.

No. We’re not making this up. But I seriously wish we were. Good luck, Baby Consonant. Here’s hoping the kids in school are kind and that the naming gods smite your granduncle on your behalf.

Holden Commodore’s not looking so bad, after all, is it? 

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