BYO Board Party – The #1 Must-Try Party Platter Trend

BYOB – a common abbreviation we’re all most likely familiar with. But there’s a new BYOB in town – Bring Your Own Board – and it’s the greatest party trend we’ve ever come across.

Gather your mates together, request they BYOB and get ready to chow down on a feast of epic proportions – enter the party platter trend.

Okay, so what is Bring Your Own Board anyway?

Surfboard? Skateboard? Board game? Ouija Board? Vision Board? No no no. It’s your own food board. Like a cheese board. Or a charcuterie board. A platter, if you will. 

You host a party and every guest brings a different ‘themed’ platter of food. It’s a platter potluck. 

Although we’re not sure where the Board Party trend originated, we uncovered it on Instagram thanks to @LaurynCearley who showcased several boards the guests brought to a girls’ brunch.  

13 girls rocked up with 13 different boards. And OMG… what a spread! 

board parties, platter party trend
It’s a parade of party platters! Source: Instagram
  • Brunch Board, complete with baked goods GALORE. 
  • Fruit Board (which is totally the one I would put my hand up for – so simple!). 
  • Pasta Board. Yes. Pasta. On. A. Platter. 
  • Veggie Board (my second choice if someone beats me to the Fruit Board).
  • Chips and Dips Board with an array of specialty chips and dips. 
  • Candy Board – certainly the most colourful of the bunch and most likely the most popular with the younger audience. 
  • Chocolate Board with a selection of bite-sized chocolate treats. 
  • Mediterranean Board, a mixture of olives, cheeses, meats and crackers. YUM
  • Crazy Nut Board which is literally an entire platter dedicated to different nuts. 
  • Bagel Board plus various spreads to dress your bagel with. 
  • Jelly Shot Board – a must for any paty, even a brunch party. 
  • Yoghurt Board which includes yoghurts with fruits for dipping. 
  • Champers Board, which isn’t so much a board as a pretty esky with champagne and ice in it. But it counts. 

See it unfold in the clip below:

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Plenty more platter inspiration

The above boards look divine! It’s no secret we at Mum Central are slightly obsessed with boards. They are just so pretty and fun to put together, not to mention eat!

We’ve shared a few platters in the past that may serve as excellent inspo if you do decide to jump on board the board bandwagon. All aboard!

Pavolva Board

pavlova board
Photo: supplied

How’s this one for an Aussie Day celebration? This easy-peasy serve-yourself pavlova board means guests can help themselves to create their ultimate bonza pavlova dessert. Here’s how to make it. 

Fries Board

fries board
Source: Supplied

Cheese boards are really popular but what about a Fries Board? Different types of chips and wedges, plus various dipping sauces? Yes please! Here’s how to make it. 

Butter Board

Butter boards food trend
Source: Instagram

This one takes a little bit to warm up to – after all, a board of butter sounds a bit intense. But basically, it’s just decorated butter, served on a board, with a selection of breads. Here are a few amazing ones for inspiration. 

Pancake Board

pancake board
Photo: Instagram @completelydelicious

A breakfast buffet that’s easy to pull off – and great for sleepovers – check out the Pancake Board which is basically just a platter full of pancakes with all the toppings, ready for each guest to make their own. 

Dice up plenty of fruits, yoghurt, cream, butter, Nutella, jam and maple syrup (make sure it’s Canadian Maple Syrup) and, a bit of bacon on the side. See how to make it here. 

Festive Christmas Boards

Christmas platters

It’s a platter. But for Christmas. These Christmas-themed boards are literal food art, almost too pretty to eat! Here’s how to make them. 

The Pup Board 

barkuterie board
SHARE PLATE: This is NEXT LEVEL in treating your dog!

What do you get when you make a charcuterie board for your dog? A Barkuterie Board! Yes, it’s a thing. Yes, we may have made it up, and yes, your spoiled pup is going to absolutely love it! Of course, boards are made for sharing, so be sure to share the wealth with all the other pups in your neighbourhood. 

Check out how to put it together here. 

Of course, these are just a few of the countless themed platters you can pull off – BBQ boards, sandwich boards, seafood and sushi boards. But if you are planning a party in the future, we highly recommend making it a BYO Board party.

And make sure you ask guests to BYO Container too, just in case there are leftovers. 

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