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Fact: Postpartum Parties are 100% Better than Baby Showers. Here’s Why

Shower me in presents and praise cause it’s my postpartum party and I’ll drink champagne (okay, probably just one glass) and flaunt my new massive milk boobs if I want to.

That’s right mums. There’s a better way to do baby showers. They are called postpartum parties or mummy showers and they take place, you guessed it, postpartum! 

Postpartum. And party. Together? 

Yeah. No. The last thing I wanted to do during the first few weeks postpartum was party. Unless by party you mean sleep more than 16 minutes without being woken up by a screaming newborn. Then YES. PAR-TAY! 

But, hear me out. I’m not talking about a few days postpartum when the new mum is still rocking mesh undies, is leaking fluid everywhere, and hasn’t slept in four days.

But rather, a few weeks after the birth. A month. Maybe two months. Yes, let’s say two months. When the new mum has had a chance to sort of recover. Or at least shower and possibly shave. Maybe even sleep a few hours solid. Maybe.

What does one do at a postpartum shower?

We’re so glad you asked! Like a baby shower, friends and family gather around to shower the mum with gifts. Usually, mum is about 35 weeks pregnant, swollen, sweaty, and worried she may pee through her flowy moo-moo if she laughs too hard. 

However, in postpartum parties, it’s more about the mum than bub. Sure, bub is there. Being super cute and making gurgly sounds and probably being passed around like a hot potato.

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Smile! You’re not pregnant anymore! Source: Bigstock

But the star of the show is the super tired mum who needs a little bit of laughter, a lot of love and ALL the support right about now. And a few helpful gifts wouldn’t hurt. 

What about gifts?

Well, the new mum probably has an influx of baby onesies and blankets by now.

But she probably doesn’t have much time to cook or clean or shop for anything other than nappies. We’re thinking gifts could be things like pre-cooked casseroles, gift cards so she can shop online, self-care products, possibly even a voucher for a cleaner or massage – you know, things new mums actually need. 

What to do at a postpartum party

Baby showers involve chit-chat, sugary sweets and games. Postpartum showers can involve these things, but you’ve also got a bit of room to think outside the Baby Bingo. After all, the pregnant mum isn’t pregnant anymore and may even be able to have a glass of wine (if timed right). 

Plus she probably doesn’t feel like her vagina is literally going to fall off so she may be keen on a bit of a dance, some karaoke even?

And she can indulge in all sorts of yummy foods that were once off the menu – sushi, soft cheeses, a selection of meats. These are great party platter foods that aren’t appreciated in baby showers. Well, not by the guest of honour at least. 

Sushi. Dancing. Wine. Karaoke. Sounds like a fun time right? But not to everyone. Some new mums may prefer a different kind of postpartum party. One where friends come to their house, drop off a frozen meal, pass the infant around for three hours while they nap. Also a good idea IMO. 

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Nap while guests pass around your baby. Sounds like a good time! Source: bigstock

Whatever the case, a postpartum party is designed to help the new mum out.

To praise her for pushing out an infant, to cheers her for surviving the incredibly tricky postpartum stage.

To give her the love and support she needs to start to feel like herself again. And to remind her that she’s amazing.

I reckon it’s a pearler of an idea. How about you? Would you prefer a baby shower or a postpartum party? Or, hey, why not both??

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