Dad Hides Formula Claiming Mum Isn’t Trying Hard Enough to Breastfeed

A father has shown his true colours and made A LOT of enemies in the process after suggesting his wife isn’t a good mother because she wants to give up breastfeeding their 10-month-old biting baby. He then goes and hides the formula so the mother had no choice but to breastfeed.

Amazingly enough, this man still has both of his balls intact. Which he wouldn’t have if he was my husband. Because, who does that???!!!

What exactly went down?

Like plenty of previous controversial conversations, it all started on Reddit’s Am I the Asshole section where a very sore breastfeeding mum went to discuss her nipple woes.

You see, her 10-month-old daughter is a biter. Anyone who has breastfed through the biting stage knows that this can be hell. Like actual nipples-are-burning-and-on-fire hell.

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Anyhoo, mum wants to wean her daughter because, well, she’s made it 10 months, she’s over it and her nipples are bleeding. Totally understandable.

As she explains,

“My breasts kind of look like a war zone- I’m bleeding and sore because of the biting and simply cannot take it anymore. Instead, I’ve been doing a mix of pumping and formula.

My husband does not like this.

He was okay with me pumping and feeding our daughter until I started supplementing with formula. He believes that breastmilk is best and formula is the devil because it’s not “natural” or something. At this age, I’m giving her milk around 4-5 times a day, and still attempt to breastfeed once or twice a day.

It reached the tipping point yesterday when he hid the formula so I’d have “no choice” but to breastfeed our daughter.”

Oh no he didn’t

But, yes he did. And it gets worse.

Dad hides formula

When mum asked why he hid the formula, the father-of-the-year replied with, “You’re not trying hard enough” and  “a good mother wouldn’t stop doing what’s best for her child simply because she’s in pain.”

So much wrong

As expected, Reddit turned up the heat on Captain Arsehat, so much so that the comments are now disabled. But the consensus was pretty clear – people are pissed, calling him abusive, controlling and plenty of other colourful names.

Everyone agrees – he’s the asshole. Divorce him. Leave him. Bite his nipples off. Game over.

So, ladies, let me ask you, would you take this crap?

Me neither.

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