Bestie and Beers! This Best Friend Photoshoot is the Sunday Sess we ALL Need

A carton of beer, matching T-shirts, a cute backdrop and two besties who clearly know how to have a good time = the greatest professional photoshoot we’ve seen in a long time.

Sorry cake smashes, the drunk best friend photoshoot officially wins 2021. #SeriousBestFriendGoals

best friend photoshoot
Source: Ashley Herek Photography

Grab yer bestie and a carton of beer and head to your nearest hay field! 

As we near the festive season, your socials are probably teeming with festive family pics and socially distanced Santa photos. But here’s something you don’t scroll past every day – the best friend photoshoot – the most perfect way to celebrate friendship at its finest. complete with a carton of beer and a drunk skipping sess in a nearby field.

mum central
Frolicking in the field half pissed with your bestie? Yes please! Source Ashley Herek Photography

I want in.

Photographer Ashley Herek is used to staging beautiful photoshoots for her clients in her Wisconsin hometown. But her favourite clients to date? These two best friends.

As Ashley shared on her Facebook page,


mum central
Having a time. Source: Ashley Herek Photography

We’re unsure of the two best friends’ real names but we will be referring to them as Thema and Louise (check out their T-shirts). And aren’t they having an absolute ball!

Cheers to friendship. Cheers to shotgunning beers in the bush. 

best friend drunk photoshoot
Source: Ashley Herek Photography

These two besties are clearly loving life and each other and it’s so great to see. They even go through an outfit change mid-sess to showcase their Drink Wisconsibly jumpers – a nod to where they live. LOVE!

mum central
Nothing says friendship like sharing lukewarm beer together. Source: Ashley Herek Photography

And check out the Flying Friend pose – a classic!

Ashley Herek Photography best friend photoshoot
Think we can’t execute the Titanic pose? Hold. My. Beer. Source: Ashley Herek Photography

And after what looks like a fair few beers, they are nailing it!

Well they were….

Ashley Herek Photography Drunk Best Friend Photoshoot
Source: Ashley Herek Photography

Ladies and gents, we have a BFF down.

Friendship at its finest

Now, we don’t mean to be bossy here but we think it’s imperative that every single one of us go out and stage a similar photoshoot.

Ashley Herek Photography Drunk Best Friend Photoshoot
When day drinks turn to nighttime adventures. Source: Ashley Herek Photography

Lukewarm light beers in the bush are optional. We’re thinking classy cocktails while frolicking in the sand at the nearest beach.

Get. On. It.

Even more photoshoot awesomeness

We love a perfectly staged photoshoot here at Mum Central. In fact, we have dozens of birth photography pics to scroll through.

But we also LOVE a photoshoot that thinks outside the box. Take this mermaid-themed photoshoot a dad and daughter did together.

daddy daughter mermaid photos
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

When your little girl asks you to be part of her special mermaid photoshoot, you do it.

We also got a huge kick out of these adorable Disney babies dressed as the cutest princesses on the planet.

mum central
Source: Instagram

Check out their one-year-later update – My have they’ve grown!

Mandy Penn Friends newborn photoshoot
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

And could this Friends-themed photoshoot BE any cuter? We think not!

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