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Could This Friends Photoshoot BE Any Cuter? Definitely Not!

Take a trip down memory lane with the most epic Friends photoshoot we’ve ever seen with six adorable newborns dressed up as the cast of Friends. I mean, could this BE any more iconic?

The curator behind this Central Perk masterpiece is American photographer Mandy Penn who is a massive fan of Friends and has done the show proud!

The one with the newborns

Last year she put together her first Friends photoshoot with six very sweet newborns. There’s Braxton as Chandler Bing, Gemma as Monica Geller, Oliver as Ross Geller, Georgia as Rachel Green. Ethan as Joey Tribbiani and Addison as Phoebe Buffay.

Mandy Penn Friends newborn photoshoot
Chandler, Monica (with her turkey head), Ross (in leather pants), Rachel (dressed as Princess Leia), Joey (in all Chandler’s clothes) and guitar-playing Phoebe. Source: Mandy Penn Photography

She’s now released a second shoot, showcasing the ‘cast’ one year later as they reunite and celebrate their first birthday cake smash.

The one with the one-year-olds

mum centralHave a look at these incredibly detailed photos – there are so many Friends easter eggs to find in each photo.

Look closely and you’ll see Monica has a turkey on her head, paying homage to the Thanksgiving episode. Then there’s Rachel dressed as Princess Leia, Ross’s fantasy come true. Next, we have Phoebe and her massive red bow after spilling on her dress.

Moving on to the boys, we have Chandler, Ross in his leather pants, and Joey wearing ALL of Chandler’s clothes.

And those cakes?? Perfection! Mandy credits Sugar Buzz Cakes and Dolci di Marrara’s Death By Cheesecake for the incredible cakes. 

As Mandy tells Love What Matters,

I couldn’t just do cake smashes with these adorable one-year-olds and NOT have a mini Friends reunion! This was the perfect chance to recreate some photos from the past!”

The one with the wedding dresses

mum central
Rachel, Phoebe and Monica eating popcorn in wedding dresses. Source: Mandy Penn Photography
Friends newborn photoshoot - Mandy Penn
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

The one with the holiday armadillo

mum central
One of the BEST episodes! Chandler as Santa, Joey as Superman and Ross as the Holiday Armadillo. Source: Mandy Penn Photography
Mandy Penn Friends photoshoot
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

The one with the prom video

Friends newborn photoshoot
Naw, Ross and Rachel as lobsters. Source: Mandy Penn Photography
Friends photoshoot Mandy Penn Photography
My how they’ve grown! Source: Mandy Penn Photography.

The one with the leather pants

Oh, Ross and his leather pants! And what’s he eating for his cake smash? The Moist Maker sandwich, of course! Love the dinosaur and monkey animals in the background. Mandy has thought of EVERYTHING!

Friends photoshoot Mandy Penn
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

Could he be wearing any more clothes? 

Joey’s cake choice? A meatball sandwich. Naturally. Check out Hugsy in the background!

Friends photoshoot Mandy Penn
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

The one with the trifle

Mandy got a cake decorator to recreate Rachel’s trifle/shepherd’s pie! Amazing…

mum central
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

The one with the bath

Chandler’s cake was a cheesecake but Mandy couldn’t resist popping baby Bing into the bathtub afterwards. We all know how much Chandler loves his baths!

mum central
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

That Thanksgiving…

Monica’s cake is a giant turkey to match her turkey hat and remind us all about Monica’s turkey incident. Note the Geller Cup in the background!

friends photoshoot
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

He’s her lobster

And finally, we have Phoebe, played by little Addison who is Phoebe perfection!

mum central
Source: Mandy Penn Photography

Behind the Central Perk scenes

Mandy is a whiz at prop photography. She does all sorts of themed photoshoots but by far her biggest success to date is her Friends photoshoot.

From the replica couch and Central Perk sign, down to the finer details like Joey and Chandler’s Fooseball table and Smelly Cat above baby Phoebe, it’s just so perfect.

The only props missing IMO? Those two nightmare-inducing women-coming-out-of-frames Phoebe made (Gladys and Gwenyth) and that weird white dog on wheels.

mum central
The creative genius behind the Friends photoshoot – Mandy Penn.

Another interesting fact about the Reunion photoshoot is that the babies weren’t actually all together for the shoot.

Due to the global pandemic and wanting to keep everyone as safe as possible, I did not actually have all of the babies in the studio at the same time. I photographed them separately or in small pairings (we do have twins here!) and put them together in post!” 
Could you tell?

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