Mum’s Hilarious T-Shirt Fail After Daughter’s “Cute” Tee Arrives

Online shopping fails are part of life. They happen to the best of us but this mum’s hilarious online shopping T-shirt fail had us literally spitting out our morning coffees.

Could you imagine receiving this T-shirt for your daughter??

Frog and Toad T-shirt Fail thanks to some very “interesting” words

Kelsey Dawn Williamson is no stranger to online shopping, in particular, the site, AliExpress. She had ordered over 50 shirts from the online retailer which is based out of China. Her daughter, Salem, is a fan of the popular children’s book series, Frog and Toad, so when she noticed a Frog and Toad T-shirt advertised, she decided to purchase it. 

Frog and Toad T-Shirt Fail
This is what the T-shirt was supposed to look like. Source: Aliexpress

The child’s shirt indeed featured the iconic Frog and Road, as advertised, with the pair riding an old-fashioned bike. But, at the bottom of the T-shirt was an extra surprise –  written in cap locks are the words, “Fuck the Police”.

Frog and Toad t-shirt fail
This is what Kelsey received. Source: Facebook

At first, Kelsey was horrified, but, they could also see the humour in the iconic online shopping fail. I mean, we’ve seen some pretty big doozies, but this one might win! 

Kelsey posted a photo of her daughter in her Fuck the Police shirt and it quickly went viral. 

The delivered shirt looked exactly like the one in the online store, just without the wording at the bottom. What most likely happened is the shirtmaker didn’t have a license to use Frog and Toad but found the photo on Google and printed the shirt. We’re not sure why they went with Fuck the Police. It could have been a printing error or a translation error. 

The irony of it all had us laughing the hardest – On the one hand you’ve got Frog and Toad innocently taking a trek on the double-bike, enjoying the view and company of one another. And then you’ve got the N.W.A lyric ruining it for everyone. Hilarious. 

More shopping fails we love

Across the pond in the UK, another mum received quite the shock when she discovered her baby’s PJs weren’t as innocent as she thought. Anna spied a two-set of pyjamas from the supermarket, Sainsbury’s, for the equivalent of AUD$7 and quickly popped them in her shopping cart, smug with the bargain.

When later dressing 6-month-old son Raphael in his new pj’s, the thrill of scoring a gorgeous brand-spankin’ new pair of pyjamas was somewhat overshadowed by, well, the giant blue phallic symbol glaring up at you. Hellooo there. 

rude pyjamas
Well looky here, this is awkward. Source: Anna Armstrong

Yes, it’s meant to be a lion’s face, but come on… That lion’s muzzle is clearly a blue peen.

Another hilarious shopping fail we had a big chuckle over was the time a preschooler got a hold of his mum’s phone and managed to do an online grocery shopping order. For $869.

child snacks order
Source: Bigstock/Twitter

Like most four-year-old boys, this little fella is obviously tech-savvy and not only figured out how to open the Tesco (UK grocery store) app, but to also order an assortment of foods AND set up a delivery time. The child managed to order an assortment of hilarious snacks including 1,200 baked tarts and 990 meat pies. Plus 24 rashes of bacon, 11 packs of pine nuts and 184 oranges. Oh, and two tins of deodorant. 

Another funny shopping fail? That time Kmart sold a horse with a big horned peen. It was part of the Dream Winter Castle package sold at Kmart last year. 

kmart xrated horse toy
The Magical Horny Unicorn in all it’s glory. Source: Facebook

This Kmart fail also had us cracking up! Inside a Frozen-themed diary lies a very dirty little secret – a dirty version of Cluedo. There’s a list of sex positions, sex toys, and locations. We’re talking vibrators, anal beads, furry plugs, even a double dong. Like how does this happen?? 

shopping fail - frozen 2 secret diary x rated
Source: Facebook

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