11 of the Funniest Online Shopping Stories That’ll Make You Laugh


What’s better than an online shopping fail? An online shopping fail with a hilarious backstory! Sure, you can easily post a photo of your online purchase that you deeply regret and then send it back to Amazon or Alibaba or whatever deep circle of online confusion it came from.

Or… you could get creative. 

Check out 11 of our very fave online shopping stories that go above and beyond your standard “return”.

11. The perfect gift for all GoT lovers

We’ve all ordered a gift online and had it shipped directly to the receiver, right? Sure, we’re putting a lot of faith in the company but, hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Just ask this lovely gift giver who ordered her mate a Game of Thrones scarf to keep him warm during the cooler months. Or, perhaps to hang up in his dorm. We’re not really sure. 

online shopping story fails
Source: Reddit

Anyhoo, fast forward to the day of delivery and he gets this. A collection of Michael Jackson headshots.

mum central
Source: Reddit

His face says it all. 

10. That time a guy ordered a tent for a festival

Crawling into your very own tent after 2 days of epic partying always feels good. So this fella planned ahead and purchased a two-person tent to bring with him to a music festival.

It arrived and he discovered it wasn’t made for two adults but two children. Or two dogs by the looks of it.

mum central
Source: Reddit

Instead of returning it? He wore it to the festival. And, honestly, compared to some of the other outfits you see at music fests these days, it’s not all that weird.

9. Inflatable tampons 

This woman found an awesome deal on feminine products through Amazon and naturally had to jump at the find.

However, when her collection of products arrived, she discovered this: 

mum central
Source: Reddit

A bag of inflatable basketballs.

You can’t make this shit up. 

8. Not recommended for cats

Christy was horrified when her 16-year-old daughter’s crop top rocked up in the mail and she realised it wouldn’t cover even half of her daughter.

mum central
Source: Twitter

But instead of ending it back, she decided to pass it on to her cat to showcase just how small the outfit is. 

She then left this amazing review on Amazon. 

mum central

Christy: 1, Amazon: 0

7. Blinded by autocorrect

Autocorrect fails are pretty much on par with online shopping fails and this one combines both and we are dying! 

Okay, so, this woman orders a cake and requests a “little blonde girl” on the top, if they can. However, autocorrect changed “blonde” to “blind” and this is what came. 

mum central
Source: Twitter

The woman rechecked the message to the baker and realised she had sent “blind” and I hope she gave this bake a 5-star review because it’s pretty epic! 

6. Drive safe

This lovely girlfriend wanted to give her boyfriend a little gift to remind him of her during the day but also to remind him to drive safely. How sweet, right? 

online shopping fails
Source: Reddit

Except when it turned up and the message was a little bit more aggressive than anticipated. 

mum central
Source: Reddit.

I mean, it doesn’t even mention driving safely! 

5. What does that say?

Speaking of inappropriate messages, this one made me pee my pants.

Just put yourself in this woman’s shoes. You order your daughter a cute little shirt online – I mean the price is right and it’s a nice little illustration, similar to the innocent drawings of Beatrix Potter.

What could possibly go wrong?

online shopping stories
Source: Facebook

I. Did. Not. Expect. That. 

4. Pyjama Party

Police aside, check out this hilarious tale of online shopping woe. This Twitter user ordered a cute pair of jammies online. They are light and summery and look oh-so-cozy. 

It wasn’t until she got the package home and looked closely at the pattern that she noticed the little people on her jimjams are clearly having a lingerie party of their own.

mum central
Source: Twitter

Orgy jimjams. That’s a first. 

3. Face on

In our third position of funny online shopping stories, we’ve got this happy customer who ordered some wrapping paper online. 

We’re not sure HOW it happened but there was a bit of a mistake at the printers and the woman was sent a massive poster of her face. 

mum central
Source: Reddit

Naturally, she’s not even the slightest bit mad. According to Reddit, she’s hung it up in her bathroom and, yes, that’s definitely the right place for it. 

2. Drunk shopping

The submitter of this one informed everyone that his wife enjoys getting drunk and ordering rando things off Instagram Ads. Girl, same. Anyhoo, one drunken evening she decided she NEEDED a cactus cat scratcher. 

Two months later she receives her parcel – two bags of rope with no instructions, or wood or even a packing slip. 

mum central
Source: Reddit

1. Chaz

But our fave online shopping story to date has to go to this dad who thought he was buying his dino-obsessed son Theo a small dinosaur statue to put in the garden.

Similar to the picture below:

mum central
Source: Facebook

Instead… a truck with a crane rocks up at his doorstep and delivers a life-sized dinosaur that literally takes up all of the gardens and looks like it might eat you.

dad buys son dinosaur
Source: Andre Bisson/Facebook

Naturally, Theo loves the thing. He even named his Chaz. And so, Chaz is here to stay. 

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