Future Baby Names: Experts Predict What your Grandchildren will be Named

The baby naming experts over at Nameberry have some exciting news for you! They know what your grandkids will be named!

I know, I know, it’s a bit premature to be thinking about grandbabies already, but we couldn’t resist sharing these future baby names that all the cool kids will be owning in 30 years’ time.

While our generation has a tendency to go with either traditional (Charlotte, Jack, William and Olivia) or trendy (Luna, Arlo, Ezra, Arya, for example), our kids will head down a much different path.

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To identify those rare names destined for future popularity, we scoured thousands of names given to fewer than 25 babies in 2020. From the bottom of the current name roster, we chose 10 girl names and 10 boy names we think will become popular for the next generation of babies.”

Here are their baby names  predictions for what your grandchildren will be named:

Future baby names predictions for 2050 

Clement – Soon to cement its spot in the top picks for 2050.

Eleri – This pretty name is a Welsh river and a princess that takes the El names of today (Eli, Elias, Elliot, Ellia, Ella) one step further.

Florian Botanical baby names live to see another day. But Lily, Rose and Ivy will be replaced with the likes of Florian.

Franklin – But for a girl. Yes, queens, we’re gonna have a whole new crop of baby girls named Franklin (or Frankie for short).

Hale – Short, strong, powerful. Mums – meet your new grandson. Or granddaughter.

Helix – A twisted name indeed.

Ione – Ione is a big name in Greek mythology, and will be the 2050 equivalent to Penelope and Athena.

IsidoreChild of Isabella and Theodore.

Jupiter – Another supernatural power name that hasn’t quite hit us mere mortals just yet. But we predict Jupiter will be coming to earth soon. Better than Uranus right?

Kanoa – It’s beachy and chilled out and is the official “Kai” of 2050.

Luna-Rose – If this isn’t a powerful double-barrelled name, we don’t know what is!

Oakes – Trendy tree names like Oak + trendy surnames ending with S such as Brooks = Oakes.

Pandora – We’ve already spoken about how supernatural names are heading on the up. Heck, one New Zealand mum is already ahead of the times – she named her kids Pandora, Metallica and Slater.

Pixie – For all the free-spirits who are off with the fairies.

PrairieCottagecore names. So hot right now. Think Forest, Olive and Everest. And in 30 years’ time – meet Prairie.

Vision – We see this one also taking off. (See what we did there??)

Vita – The meaning “life” gives this eternal appeal. We’re a bit shocked that this one hasn’t already taken off.

WilloughbyMeaning “farm near the willows” it has that cottagecore appeal and will be the new “Will” in the classroom.

Wilbur – Another Wil! This time named after a pig! Kids these days…

XoeX marks the spot for our grown-up kids and Xoe is predicted to replace Zoe.

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