Air Fryer Recipes

13 Delicously Easy Air Fryer Recipes to Cook in a Flash!

From perfectly rested air fryer steak to sweet and sticky chicken wings and all the arancini balls and Tim Tam desserts in between – we have ALL of the most delicious and easy air fryer recipes bundled neatly here for you!

Are air fryers just a load of hype?

Are air fryers just a load of hype? It’s a firm no from me! If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying an air fryer, telling yourself you don’t need another kitchen appliance, I hear you. But also, I think you might be wrong. An air fryer REALLY is a game-changer in the kitchen – it makes light and quick work of anything that usually requires an oven.

Of course, cramming casserole pots and the like into an air fryer isn’t a reality – but you CAN SAVE on electricity and cooking time by not heating a whole oven for those smaller jobs like heating pies and sausage rolls, roasting a chicken, roasting vegetables, cooking hot chips or even baking drumsticks and chicken wings. Air fryers are small but mightily efficient and once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

easy air fryer recipes
Air fryers are a GAME CHANGER in the kitchen, promise!

Air fryers: Things you need to remember!

  • Choose an air fryer size that’s big enough for your family. If you’re cooking for two, you can get away with a smaller air fryer but if you have a bigger family, look for a 6L+ capacity.
  • A more expensive price tag doesn’t always mean a better machine. I’ve had both the top-of-the-range and a budget-buy Kmart air fryer and I can tell you, there isn’t that much difference between them when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of cooking.
  • ALWAYS place your air fryer on a large heat-resistant chopping board if you have a stone benchtop. It’s important to remember an air fryer is a mini oven – they get HOT – and this heat can sometimes cause stone benchtops to crack.

13 Easy air fryer recipes for the family to love

We all know chips and nuggets are air fryer staples, but just to make sure you REALLY get the most out of your air fryer, here are some of our favourite easy air fryer recipes you can whip up any day of the week!

1. Air fryer salt and pepper calamari

Make your own salt and pepper calamari? YOU BET. At a fraction of the price of buying it pre-prepared at the supermarket, you can make it yourself and cook it in the air fryer. Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon, yum!

salt and pepper calamari recipe
Easy air fryer recipes don’t come any better than calamari, yum! Source: Bigstock

2. Air fryer popcorn chicken

If you’re a fan of the tasty, moist morsels of bite-sized chicken that we have come to know as popcorn chicken, you’re going to love this air fryer DIY popcorn chicken air fryer recipe. Move over KFC, mum’s kitchen rules!

air fryer popcorn chicken
Move over KFC, OUR kitchen rules with this easy air fryer recipe for popcorn chicken! Source: Supplied

3. Crispy honey chicken

Using delicious and tasty chicken thigh, the air fryer makes short work of delivering super tasty crispy honey chicken to the family table.

honey chicken recipe
The ultimate fakeout takeout – no one would be any the wiser with this air fryer crispy honey chicken. Source: Supplied

4. Quick and easy air fryer pork belly roast

The ONLY way I cook pork belly now, you can’t beat an air fryer pork belly roast! Perfect hot or cold in salads, that crackling is spot on every time.

roast pork belly
Drroooooool. Air fryer pork belly for a delicious win! Source: Bigstock

5. Air fryer popcorn cauliflower

Perfect for a side dish, snack or a warm addition to a grazing platter, this popcorn cauliflower is a fantastic way to get some extra veggies into bellies.

easy vegetarian meals, popcorn cauliflower recipe, easy air fryer recipes
Vegetables can be delicious too, you know. Source: Supplied

6. Air fryer prawns with spicy dipping sauce

Do you love a panko-encrusted prawn? Try these seafood morsels in the air fryer for a delicious – and slightly indulgent – dinner idea, paired with a salad for added goodness.

Air fryer Prawns and diping sauce
Prawns in the air fryer? YES YOU CAN. Source: Supplied

7. Air fryer Turkish pizza subs

These air fryer Turkish pizza subs are a regular in our house and they’re easy enough for teenagers to make without too much complaining. Perfect for weekend lunches or even sliced cold for school lunch boxes.

Turkish bread pizza subs
On regular rotation, air fryer Turkinsh subs. Source: Supplied

8. Air fryer Tim Tam dessert

A super easy air fryer recipe, if you thought a Tim Tam biscuit was a flavour bomb in its original form, I highly recommend wrapping it in puff pastry and popping it in the air fryer to transform it into a Tim Tam dessert delight. You can thank us later.

Tim Tam dessert, easy air fryer recipes
Tim Tams are more than a biscuit with this easy air fryer recipe. Source: Supplied

9. Perfectly cooked air fryer steak

No more bringing a pan up to temperature and questioning do I turn the steak or not and when? Nope. None of that. Just plug in your air fryer and follow this handful of perfect steak cooking steps and you’ll never go back to cooking steak in a pan again.

air fryer steak
Out of all the easy air fryer recipes – you had better believe steak is one of them. Source: Supplied

10. Air-fried ice cream balls

It takes serious GUTS to throw ice cream in an air fryer, but my ice-cream-loving heart knows no bounds. A viral air fryer ice-cream ball recipe hack? You can bet we gave it a crack!

easy air fryer recipes
Go on, give this easy air fryer recipe for ICE CREAM a try. We dare you! Source: Supplied

11. Marinated sticky chicken wings

Perfect for a footy lunch or party finger food, these marinated sticky chicken wings come up as an absolute treat in the air fryer.

air fryer recipes
Sticky and delicious, you can’t go wrong with this easy air fryer recipe for chicken wings. Source: Supplied

12. Air fryer rotisserie-style chicken

Want to give your plain roast chicken all the flavour of a BBQ rotisserie chicken? You can – you’ll get succulent, tender roast chicken on the table in an easy-breezy 40 minutes. You don’t even need to preheat the air fryer, just pop it in and turn it on!

easy air fryer recipes
A whole roast chicken in the air fryer? Yes, yes you can do that too. Source: Supplied (easy air fryer recipes)

13. Air fryer arancini balls

Yesterday’s risotto becomes today’s arancini balls and we are totally here for it. An AMAZING and a super-easy air fryer recipe win!

arancini balls easy air fryer recipes
Easy air fryer recipes include arancini they’re great balls of yum! Source: Bigstock

There are 13 super easy air fryer recipes to add to your air frying repertoire! What’s a regular in your air fryer? We’d love to hear it, let us know in the comments below!

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