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Meet the Very Busy Mum with 21 Toddlers

Meet the Ozturk family! They have 22 children including 21 kids all born in a 10-month span. Kristina Ozturk and her husband, Galip spent the majority of 2020 welcoming infants thanks to several surrogates. The 21 toddlers are all biologically theirs and are as cute and cheeky as can be!

Among their toddlers, there are several sets of twins or siblings that share the same birthdate. Kristina, who is 26 years old, also has an older daughter, Victoria, born in 2014.

21 babies born in 10 months

Kristina and Galip have spoken previously about wanting an extra large family of 100 or more babies. They spent more than €168,000 ($277,000 AUD) on surrogates, and now spend more than €90,000 ($150,000) a year on live-in nannies.

21 toddlers - Kristina Ozturk
Kristina and some of her beautiful tots, including her triplets Alena, Kristina and Ali. Source: Instagram

The couple from​ Batumi, Georgia rely on a team of 16 live-in nannies to help with the mammoth task of caring for 21 cheeky toddlers. Imagine the mess at mealtimes!

Husband in prison

In 2022 things got even trickier as Galip was charged with money laundering. He is currently in prison while Kristina remains in their home in Batumi with the toddlers. The busy mum has spoken out about how difficult it is not having her husband around but is trying to remain positive and focused on her children.

“It’s hard to talk about some household things or joys when all thoughts are far away and busy just waiting for my husband to come home to us,” she previously shared on Instagram.

Kristina also shares plenty of happy moments in her hectic life on Instagram, recently updating the world on her 21 toddlers, including their names and ages.

21 toddlers
Source: Instagram

The Ozturk toddlers

The couple welcomed their first child via surrogate on 10 March 2020. In April, they added three more. In May, an additional two. Three more were born in June, followed by another in July and three in August.

21 toddlers
Kristina with her eldest, Victoria and Ismail (toddler #12). Source: Instagram

Another one in September, three in October (all with the same birthdate), and two in November. They welcomed their last 2020 baby in December and then added one more bub in January 2021.

Below are their names and birthdates:

  1. Mustafa – born 10.03.2020
  2. Maryam – born 17.04.2020
  3. Ayrin – born 19.04.2020
  4. Alice – born 19.04.2020
  5. Hassan – 29.05.2020
  6. Judy – 29.09.2020
  7. Harper – 17.06.2020
  8. Teresa – 24.06.2020
  9. Hussein – 24.06.2020
  10. Anna – 28.07.2020
  11. Isabella – 01.08.2020
  12. Ismail – 20.08.2020
  13. Mehmet – 31.08.2020
  14. Ahmet – 27.09.2020
  15. Ali – 28.10.2020
  16. Kristina – 28.10.2020
  17. Alena – 28.10.2020
  18. Sarah – 10.11.2020
  19. Lockman – 10.11.2020
  20. Alparslan – 04.12.2020
  21. Olivia – 16.01.2021

The 26-year-old absolutely adores being a mother and having a house full of children to spend time with. She also manages to cram in a lot of one-on-one time with each of her babies.

Kristina Ozturk - 21 toddlers
All of Kristina’s 21 toddlers are biologically hers and her husband’s. Source: Instagram

As she shares in one of her posts,

I distribute my time among everyone equally, the main time we spend together, I work with the children, read stories, play, walk, put them to sleep, from time to time we cook something together.

But I also think it’s important to spend time alone with each of the children. This time is spent differently with each of the children, because each one is individual: someone just wants to lie with me in a hug, someone needs to talk to me, someone asks to play together, someone likes to look at family photos…

Everyone has their own personality, their own energy, their own desires, they are all different, but they are all my family, my little sweet babies.”

Their mansion includes plenty of space for the toddlers to run around and explore but she also spends a lot of time outdoors with the tots.

Recently her posts are often about the trials and tribulations many mums of toddlers know too well – regulating emotions, handling altercations with other kids, and fostering independence.

21 toddlers
It takes a village to raise 21 busy toddlers! Source: Instagram

Kristina and her tribe of nannies, who work a rostered schedule of four days on, two days off, certainly have their hands full!

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