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7 Extraordinary Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Photos that You Don’t See Every Day

Every birth is different but sometimes we see a pregnancy, labour or birth photo that makes us all go “whoa!”. These 7 birth photos below do just that and remind us just how incredible our bodies are and just how strong mums can be.

Every birth is beautiful and special and we hope these exceptional birth photos – including pictures of pregnancy, labour and even postpartum – remind you of this.

1. Triplet Pregnancy (and Post Partum)

Michella Meier-Morsi made headlines early in 2022 when she shared her extraordinary journey of welcoming triplet babies into the world. She and her partner already have twin girls and were over the moon when they found out they would be adding three more to their tribe.

While the pregnancy was tough, Michella has never shied away from sharing her story and her journey. Check out her beautiful bump, before and after:

triplet baby bump
mum central

mum central

2. Pregnancy Yoga (taken to new heights)

We are in absolute awe of these stunning pregnancy shots – nothing like the everyday maternity pictures most of us take.

Expecting mum Erika wows the world with her unique maternity photos which include several yoga poses that look next-to-impossible even without a baby bump!


pregnancy yoga

pregnancy yoga
Source: Instagram

mum central

3. Mid-Contraction Captured 

Mum Central often showcases pictures of mums crying, screaming, crowning even, but we’ve never seen a photo quite this powerful.

Hard, strong and mid-contraction, mum is riding the contraction like a boss while her amazing doula supports her. The photo, captured by Meredith Westin Photography, is a beautiful reminder of just how important the support person is during labour.

mum central

mum central

4. Breach Birth

We all have that “first photo” of bub when they are born, most likely being weighed (and looking pretty unhappy about it) or lying naked on a blanket.

However, for new mum Kristen, the first pic of her daughter, Emma looked a little different than her previous children. Why? Well, for one, her daughter was folded in half! Check out the extraordinary picture.

Only minutes old, Emma is still chilling out in the breech position, demonstrating her flexibility and showing us just what breech babies look like when cosied up in the womb. How cool!

breech birth - Emma
Source: Kristen DiCicco Rogers

mum central

5. Born Sac in Tact (En Caul)

There is something so mesmerising about an en caul birth – where bub is born with the amniotic sac still intact. Stats suggest around one in 80,000 births are en caul births. !

Janaina Oliveira of Jana Brasil Photography managed to capture some absolutely divine snaps of baby Noah being born en caul. Isn’t it amazing to see how babies look inside the womb – very similar to a 3d ultrasound pic don’t you think?

birth photos

birth photos
Source: Instagram/janabrasilfotografia

mum central

6. Ocean Birth

In June 2022, with the waves crashing against his mother’s back, Bodhi Amor Ocean was delivered amidst the salt water and the ‘volcanic’ sand in a very unconventional, unassisted ocean birth.

While every woman has the right to birth her baby as she wants, Bodhi’s mum, Josy’s free ocean birth caused quite the splash on social media, but for Josy and dad, Benni this was always the plan.

Clearly, a lover of the sea, Josy, 37, said she “got this idea in my head I wanted to give birth in the ocean and because the conditions were right on the day that’s what I did.”

Dad was beside her, with a homemade birthing kit and a camera to capture the water birth.

mum central

mum central

7. Clear Drape C-section

A clear drape c-section, or a c-section with transparent curtains is one of the defining factors of a gentle c-section. Mums are able to watch their baby gently being removed from their uterus.

Have a look at the beautiful photo of this mum and bub meeting for the first time during a clear drape c-section. Love the fist bump!

mum central
Source: First Bump for Mom by Neely Ker-Fox

mum central


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