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If you’re anything like me and look to avoid the hustle and bustle of shopping centres in the lead up to Christmas, and want a socially responsible shopping solution, then a visit to Etsy might be just what you’re looking for.

And let’s face it, with just five weeks until Christmas, that only leaves us 35 days left to organise gifts for all of our loved ones.

In case you missed it, Etsy is a one-stop shopper’s paradise with a stack of hand made, customised, funky, retro, cool and funky products for every member of the family.

etsy-make-for-goodThey’re a socially responsible marketplace too.

With Australian Etsy sellers committed to empowering our world’s girls. At least 20% of every Make For Good sale goes to support Because I Am A Girl, a campaign to help girls everywhere learn, lead, decide and thrive.

The collection is inspired by the 2016 Make For Good theme to create brighter futures for girls around the world.  Follow down below where you’ll see we’ve picked some of our favourites – there’s so many to choose from so check out the full range here or the Editor’s Top Picks here.

And because we love shopping, and love to give back, we’ve teamed up with the kind folk at Etsy to bring our our Christmas roundup PLUS the chance to win a $250 voucher for yourself and one for your bestie, just in time for Christmas!


[mc_block_title custom_title=”HAND BURNT PERSONALISED HAMMER”]

This is the sweetest gift the kids can give to Dad, with a personalised message burnt into the handle of the hammer, it’s a practical gift that Dad can treasure while he’s busy building fun things for the kids to enjoy! Get it at Indigo Bark via Etsy.

etsy-hand-burnt-personalised-hammer[mc_block_title custom_title=”GARDENING GIFT HAMPER”]

If hubby has a green thumb, this gardeners tool kit with jute tool bag, stainless steel trowel and pitch fork and mini terracotta pots is a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed all year round. Buy it from SarasGardenAu via Etsy.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”PERSONALISED BUSY BOARDS”]

Personalised busy boards are great for bub to give them the chance to practice and improve their dexterity with their hands and choose different activities to keep them entertained and, well … busy! These busy boards can be portable or can be mounted on the wall in the play room. MortimersBusyBoards has lots of different developmental activity based boards to choose from so you can customise the board to suit your bub!

etsy-mortimers-busy-board[mc_block_title custom_title=”CROCHET FRUIT & VEGGIES”]

This sweet little idea is the perfect option for imaginative play for your little one. The crocheted fruit and veggies by HomeToysByGalatova are great for playing gardens, kitchens or shops and their lovely soft texture makes them very appealing to touch making play a sensory activity. An added bonus is they are hypo-allergenic, are machine washable and they’re environmentally friendly.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”MR WOLFE CLOCKS”]

What’s the time Mr Wolfe? How beautiful are these handmade, personalised clocks for kids? You can customise your gift to include names, dates, numbers or no numbers, and choose from their many beautiful designs!

etsy-personalised-clocks[mc_block_title custom_title=”WALL ART”]

This gorgeous digital print from eRoseImagery is the perfect addition to any girl’s bedroom for three wonderful reasons! First of all it’s got a totally empowering message! Secondly it’s so simple and affordable – at only $3.50, you can download the file and then organise to print and frame it and voila! You have a gorgeous gift. Thirdly it’s part of the Make for Good store which means up to 20% of the proceeds from all of the sales will support the Because I Am A Girl charity. What’s not to love about this gift idea?



[mc_block_title custom_title=”STICAR CAR CRAFT”]

If you have a creative kid on your hands, this is a match made in Heaven! Sticar by Kidpod Toys is an active creativity game, allowing boys to create their own race track and design their own cars using washi tape. The best part is you can redesign your car and rebuild your track each time you play so the creating fun never ends!

etsy-sticar-car-craft[mc_block_title custom_title=”CARDBOARD CUBBY HOUSE”]

Are the kids bugging you for a cubby house for Christmas? Well this is an excellent option for all involved! Cardboard cubby house from CardboardKids is an easy to assemble, light option meaning it can be moved indoors or outdoors depending on your needs! But the best part is letting the kids go crazy designing their cardboard cubby. They can create a pirate castle, or a fairy empire. The sky is the limit! Plus when they’re all done, it is easily dismantled and 100% recyclable.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”VINTAGE VIDEO GAMES”]

If you have a keen gamer on your hands, this is the ultimate nod to appreciating their hobby. TigersVintageIsland has a range of retro video games to choose from, but we spied this classic among them, a 1983 vintage Mario’s Bombs Away. These sorts of gifts are collector’s items and one that the teenagers will come to appreciate if they hold onto them for another 10 years!

etsy-retro-video-games[mc_block_title custom_title=”SCRATCH YOUR TRAVELS MAP”]

The world is your oyster and there are so many places to see and visit in our lifetime. This scratch your travels map from Kuulys is an interactive map designed to scratch away the coating over the country you have travelled to. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime and looks gorgeous framed.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”PERSONALISED PUZZLE”]

This is a gift that the whole family will get a kick out of but no-one more so than the grandparents. It’s super simple – you send a family photo over and TheMissingPiece creates your customised 500 piece jigsaw puzzle for you. Now Nan and Pop can see your smiling faces while creating their puzzle masterpiece.

etsy-personalised-puzzle[mc_block_title custom_title=”PERSONALISED FAMILY TREE”]

When the family is complete, it can be a lovely idea to capture everyone on the family tree, and this gorgeous gift is one that the grandparents are sure to appreciate! KarensKraftiness burns the names of your family members on up to 12 birch wood hearts and hangs them on the tree for generations to enjoy.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”TASSEL NECKLACE”]

This beautiful tassel necklace is on point right now so your friend will love you for gifting them with one of these colourful LoveAstrid necklaces. Plus this seller is part of the Make for Good collection donating 20% of proceeds from the sale to Because I Am A Girl so it’s the gift that keeps giving.

etsy-tassel-necklace[mc_block_title custom_title=”HANGING VASE AND WALL SHELF”]

We love this minimalist designed hanging vase and wall shelf all in one made by Kirraleeandco. It’s made from reclaimed wood and has a vase to house a lovely single flower or stem, and space for something small to display alongside it. The best part about this gift is it’s from the Make for Good range meaning 20% of the proceeds from the purchase support the Because I Am A Girl charity.



[mc_block_title custom_title=”PRESSED FLOWER PHONE CASE”]

We all need a pretty new case for our phone, but this one will certainly grab everyone’s attention with real dried flowers pressed into the case. FlowerStone create these unique phone covers with real flowers that have been dried and set in the clear resin case.

etsy-pressed-flowers-phone-case[mc_block_title custom_title=”CROSS STITCH PATTERNS”]

Challenge your Kris Kringle to some crafty work with these gorgeous and trendy cross stitch patterns. Download the PDF pattern and then if you want to add some more to your gift, go and buy the fabric and needles to complete the pattern. Made by VelvetPonyDesign, you’re sure to find a pattern that suits your Kris Kringle’s personality!



[mc_block_title custom_title=”MACRAME WALL HANGING”]

These gorgeous hand woven macramé wall hangings from My French Treasuries come all the way from France and are the perfect addition to the home, bringing that trendy boho style.

etsy-macrame-wall-hanging[mc_block_title custom_title=”NAME NECKLACE”]

We can’t get enough of personalised jewellery and these dainty name necklaces are just oh so Carey Bradshaw! CaitlynMinimalist make their necklaces from Sterling Silver, and then finish them in a choice of Rose Gold, 18K Gold or Sterling Silver. These necklaces are custom made by hand so every necklace is unique in its own special way.

etsy-personalised-necklaceWe hope you’re as inspired by this amazing round up as we are! This Christmas if you’d like to gift something truly unique as well as supporting handmade, artisan and small business, Etsy is your go-to shopping destination. The hardest thing with shopping at this beautiful site is making sure you don’t get tempted into buying #ALLTHEPRESENTS just for you! Maybe a list is required, just to keep you on track! Happy shopping xo


Thanks to our friends at Etsy we’ve got 2 x $250 Gift Cards to give away to spend on anything you like in their amazing online marketplace.  One for you, and one for someone you love this Christmas!

Simply complete the entry form below in full, including the details of the person you’d like to share the prize with and we’ll draw one winner and they’ll get to savour in the magic of Etsy Christmas shopping on us!


Win a $250 Etsy Gift Card for You and a $250 Card for your Bestie

Proudly brought to you by Etsy. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Avatar of Elise

    Repurpose, reuse, recycle, and create, I love that Etsy brings unique and original items not found in regular stores to my family while also reducing landfill and waste in many instances. Etsy shopkeepers are a clever breed, and it’s a great shopping experiance to bring them all together.

  2. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    What an amazing prize from my favourite Mum Central website! It is going to bring a lot of joys and excitement with Etsy Gift Card . I would have the best shopping experience with Etsy . Thank you very much.

  3. Avatar of tracywed

    I love Etsy because I can find anything I need at great prices

  4. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    I love online shopping and finding new things. Etsy is one of my favourite websites because new items with any budget. Thank you very much.

  5. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    I love Etsy as there is always something exciting to purchase.

  6. Avatar of Lorraine Stuart
    Lorraine StuartReply

    I love that it’s all home-made and unique 🙂

  7. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    I’m amazed at the wonderful imaginative and creative people out there. Etsy is full of a huge range of unique products. It’s an amazing place to shop.

  8. Avatar of MumOf2

    I love how Etsy has a great range of interesting & affordable gifts for those hard to buy for friends & rellies 😀

  9. Avatar of Jaimee

    I love the quality of these homemade items and knowing that you are supporting a work from home business makes you feel great also.

  10. Avatar of Rach.

    All creations are on Etsy are made with love and it is my favourite place to shop.

  11. Avatar of milkofats

    Unique not the norm ideas for all friends & relatives

  12. Avatar of Jody Smith

    Ability of the small scale craftsman to sell his/her goods to the world

  13. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    So many unique and interesting handmade items, one-of-a-kind boutique creations, definitely irresistible!!

  14. Avatar of Dee-Anne Hoving
    Dee-Anne HovingReply

    I love Etsy, handmade & heartfelt treasures to be found

  15. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Esty has perfect gift ideas for everyone and every budget.

  16. Avatar of Alicia

    I love all the gorgeous, original stuff you find on Etsy! It’s also nice to know I’m supporting other Mum’s and Dad’s small businesses.

  17. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie LouiseReply

    I love the range of environmentally friendly options 🙂

  18. Avatar of Stacey

    Supporting a small business,
    Brings me a lot of joy,
    Knowing that I’m buying quality,
    When I purchase a handmade toy.

  19. Avatar of Tracey Kenyon
    Tracey KenyonReply

    Love the variety and quirkiness on etsy. I can sit at home on the computer and buy a sewing pattern a hand made spindle and indi dyed wool all in a matter of minutes and generally support small at home business

  20. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette BullReply

    Great place to find a heartfelt gift, that’s unique in every way as a person is. Something to suit all walks of life, all budgets

  21. Avatar of Vicki Matarakis
    Vicki MatarakisReply

    The fact that there are so many creative people with there amazing work with so many variations on the same theme. Love the site-never lets me down when I need to find something! 🙂

  22. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    I am always finding something new. Are you sure the T in ETSY shouldnt be an A as ETSY is just so EASY to navigate, even my husband can use it. It will be taking the stress out of christmas shopping for me for those ‘hard to buy for relo’s’ thats for sure.

  23. Avatar of Mario W

    I love Etsy because there is a huge range of things on the site

  24. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    As Christmas is coming soon, Esty has perfect gifts for all of ages and budget.

  25. Avatar of Stacey Collins
    Stacey CollinsReply

    There is such a variety you can get something for everyone. It is like a one stop shop with lots of shops ^_^

  26. Avatar of Lauren King
    Lauren KingReply

    Love love love Etsy, the products are fantastic and I like being able to support small business without having to go the markets.

  27. Avatar of Asteria Maria
    Asteria MariaReply

    Etsy is the perfect place to get that unique one of a kind handcrafted gift!

  28. Avatar of Hannah Clubb
    Hannah ClubbReply

    Love all the variety of things you can’t buy on the shelves everything is so unique

  29. Avatar of Natasha Muggleton
    Natasha MuggletonReply

    The uniqueness of items you can access. One of kind and personalised things make excellent gifts.

  30. Avatar of Olivia Bates
    Olivia BatesReply

    I love how original the products are, one of a kind <3

  31. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Esty has beautiful Christmas gift ideas for everyone this Christmas.

  32. Avatar of May Lee

    I love the skills and crafts that get to stay alive and change as different things become more popular. I love the creativity and small world feel of Etsy as well.

  33. Avatar of Mandi Kimball
    Mandi KimballReply

    I love the uniqueness of all the items on Etsy. Truly things you can’t find anywhere else.

  34. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon JohnsonReply

    Have had the pleasure of buying some unique items on Etsy. Love the handmade world and what it has to offer.

  35. Avatar of Sarahbell104

    I love etsy, I love supporting small businesses from around the corner and around the globe

  36. Avatar of light474

    I love that it is a great way for people to sell items that they have made.

  37. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree SculleyReply

    Etsy is great for unique gifts that I cant get in stores ..I Love hand made and personalised items and have used some stores on Etsy for these 🙂

  38. Avatar of Chantal thibault-fray
    Chantal thibault-frayReply

    Love,Love,Love The Hammer!And so.many other things, Etsy is the most unique, Fun gift giving made easy, Place to shop!

  39. Avatar of Caroline

    The never ending variety of unique and one off gifts amazes me.

  40. Avatar of Anna H

    I love seeing how clever people are and the amazing things you can find on Etsy. In particular I love the handmade jewellery.

  41. Avatar of Courtney

    Etsy has great gift and home made items that are beautiful and different. Always love finding gorgeous jewellery also.

  42. Avatar of Emma Wooding
    Emma WoodingReply

    Etsy has l a great selection of good quality handmade products and great gift ideas.

  43. Avatar of Carmel Jarvis
    Carmel JarvisReply

    I love all the unique creative ideas and beautiful craft supplies so I can create my own items for my beautiful children

  44. Avatar of meghan flynn
    meghan flynnReply

    I love that Etsy supports small businesses, giving everyday people who are trying to make a living, a place to show case there unique talents of handmade treasures.

  45. Avatar of Kristy

    Absolutely love how unique the products on etsy are! And LOVE helping someone who is helping others while doing what they love.

  46. Avatar of fionaaa

    I think its just a great place that enables people who create and dream to reach out to those who want to be a part of their journey and it’s always great knowing that your input helps someone else out there!

  47. Avatar of Danidrose

    Esty is such a amazing place to find unique and tailored gifts. It’s such a great alternative to commercial presents and supports artists. Whats not to love.

  48. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer

    i love that it’s a great place for people to have a foundation and support network for their business and that we as consumers can access their great work!

  49. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    There are so many clever, creative people out there…..with amazingly awesome ideas

  50. Avatar of Katie Henderer
    Katie HendererReply

    I love that you can find some beautifully made and well crafted items on etsy that you just couldn’t find anywhere else. Such gifted crafspeople who create one of a kind and personalised items for you to give to those you love.

  51. Avatar of Steph Callow
    Steph CallowReply

    Etsy inspires me. There are so many talented people making beautiful, unique products at affordable prices. I can scroll through for hours finding gorgeous things for my home, my kids and my lifestyle. Love it!

  52. Avatar of Chro Khoshnaw Trinh
    Chro Khoshnaw TrinhReply

    I live buying from Etsy because some of them are mothers who make kids clothing as a hobby and they create such beautiful outfits. I’ve bought quiet a few from talented mothers.

  53. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee PuddyReply

    I love that i kind find a crazy variety of vintage items to add to our home

  54. Avatar of Caz O'Loughlin
    Caz O'LoughlinReply

    I love that there is something on Etsy for everyone! I also love that most things are hand made, are made locally- so buying off here is supporting local businesses and helping the little guy- not some big corporation giant!

  55. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Etsy online makes happy shopping experience . It is easy .

  56. Avatar of Nicola

    So many unique and creative ideas and products – helping out the small business!

  57. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie WestReply

    I love that you kind find such unique and well crafted items.

  58. Avatar of joni

    I love the quirky and the unusual as they are the treasures of life rather than mass produced forgettable future landfill. Etsy is where you find the treasure!

  59. Avatar of Lisa

    They have a great range to choose from, making gift buying simple and easy.

  60. Avatar of EunHee Min

    I can find something special and unique stuff at affordable price at Etsy. I DO love Etsy.

  61. Avatar of Nassep

    Etsy is a get place to shop because it has such a diverse range of gifts for me to choose from at any time I want

  62. Avatar of amjasci

    What a wonderful idea to share a generous gift like this with someone special. Its unique, just like Etzy

  63. Avatar of Nikki Foster
    Nikki FosterReply

    We love etsy to support other handmade with love businesses for items to hold close to our hearts!

  64. Avatar of Nikki Rodgers
    Nikki RodgersReply

    I love that you can find beautiful locally made products for whatever you need!

  65. Avatar of Tamara Taaffe
    Tamara TaaffeReply

    What I love about Etsy is all the vintage and handmade goods that are available to purchase. Anything old or vintage or even handmade for that matter, I find very interesting to either collect or display around home.

  66. Avatar of Loz Hunt

    Etsy is full of fabulous items for family and friends. Somebody’s trash is another’s treasure and crafts are to no end. Unique, creative and antique array of lovely gifts. Etsy has my heart as you can even buy objects related to Taylor Swift.

  67. Avatar of babybeeandme

    Etsy is a whole bunch of different people creating masterpieces. I love the upcycled pieces the most – incredible ideas to reuse and recycle 🙂

  68. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna ReinhardReply

    Etsy is unique, I love that you can find beautiful created gifts some are old, vintage and some are homemade. You can pretty much find any kinda gift there for that special someone that doesn’t like having that present u can get from a retail store. I for one love unique gifts

  69. Avatar of Christopher King
    Christopher KingReply

    Etsy puts me in touch with like-minded people, appreciating the artisinal, vintage and re-purposed goods. I simply love the site.

  70. Avatar of Kimberley Dawson
    Kimberley DawsonReply

    You can get some unique gifts, and really not that expensive when you look at the comparison!

  71. Avatar of jayla1987

    Love the unique hand crafted items they have such a homemade love feel about them

  72. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    You can buy unique gifts that can’t be found in the shops

  73. Avatar of Apanda

    I love buying handmade and sourced items from small businesses. The whole site is filled with amazing and interesting finds that you cannot get anywhere else!

  74. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara CassidyReply

    I love all the original and handmade items that can be found on Etsy.

  75. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia WarrickReply

    Etsy is so exciting, you never know what you will find, and I love buying from artists and craftspeople.

  76. Avatar of Stacey Hollis
    Stacey HollisReply

    I love the handmade stuff there is so much i would would love to give my


  77. Avatar of Angela

    I love the variety of products in Etsy, how easy it is to use and how it inspires my life! 🙂

  78. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki CashionReply

    I love handmade items as you can be asured they are made with love

  79. Avatar of Sammy Minshull
    Sammy MinshullReply

    Handmade items are always made from the heart with alot of love

  80. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather HopleyReply

    Etsy offers such a huge variety of quality goods.

  81. Avatar of ShayneD

    Etsy has so many gorgeous and unique products, you can always find something that you love. I also love supporting small online businesses.

  82. Avatar of Emma Lentz

    I love Etsy cause I love handmade and unique items and I know I can find them on Etsy.

  83. Avatar of Erica

    I have only recently discovered Etsy and am blown away by the quality of products as well as the lovely business owners I have met on there!

  84. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola JamesReply

    It is lovely to have a site where I can find unique and individual gifts of great quality to satisfy all tastes and budgets!

  85. Avatar of cat helbig

    Wat isnt there to love. I can shop for everyone i need to buy for in the comfort of my own home and i dont have to contend with a cranky 2 yr old trying to go shopping, we all know how much that is.

  86. Avatar of Megan Borrowdale
    Megan BorrowdaleReply

    There are so many quality crafters & designers on Etsy your choice is almost limitless. I love the array of handmade goodies on offer! ETSY never disapoints!

  87. Avatar of Catherine Gierak
    Catherine GierakReply

    What I love most about Etsy is that it is a global marketplace for handmade; one that is open 24/7… I can browse it any day, at any time. ❤️

  88. Avatar of Alex

    I love that it showcases so many intricate things from my favourite game series!

  89. Avatar of Lily

    Etsy is so great for individuals to showcase their talents and share it with the public. Great marketplace to connect people!

  90. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    I love that I can shop from the comfort of my own home & use that extra time with my baby!

  91. Avatar of Bree

    I love all the different and creatives pieces you can buy, and delivered straight to my door!

  92. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrandsReply

    It’s got unique gifts for any theme and any age. I always start with etsy for my occasion shopping

  93. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' RyanReply

    such a beautiful range of very unique gifts , l absolutely love the hammer

  94. Avatar of Sharyn W

    I love the uniqueness and the fact that is supporting small businesses – the best way to shop

  95. Avatar of silver101

    The diverse range of items available and that they cater for the little people.

  96. Avatar of Nikaz08

    Everything!! I love the type of products, the fact that I can follow stores I love and get updates regarding these. I can shop all over the world and be up to date even though I live in rural Australia.

  97. Avatar of Amy Stacey

    I love that people can have an idea for something cool, make it and get it out there to buyers!

  98. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love that it’s “green”, fresher, a local art, it’s a local shopping experience, supports someone’s dream and community, and a more personalised service which is awesome!

  99. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    Such a vast array of unique gift ideas by talented craftspeople. Something for everything on Etsy!

  100. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    Etsy is exactly the place you buy presents for the people who have ‘everything’. Unique and beautifully crafted items.

  101. Avatar of Annie

    Etsy is great for hand-made and collectable items. I recently bought some wonderful old fashioned jewellery items from Etsy.

  102. Avatar of Leanne M

    I am very civic minded and love that I can support handmade businesses that are not just physically close to where I live. Etsy makes all these handcrafted items my local shopping centre.

  103. Avatar of Bec Statton
    Bec StattonReply

    I love that there is so much to choose from and they are handmade. I also love that I am supporting small businesses and alot if them are Mums. I have bought many wonderful items from here.

  104. Avatar of Suzie Sims

    Etsy is all about creation, magical, wondrous pieces of art! talent! and I love searching through peoples pages to see what they have made, handmade is a wonderful thing that more people should get into, I really look up to people who can be creative! and make beautiful items for people to put in their homes, or gift to friends and family!

  105. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Esty has elegant, unique and beautiful Christmas gifts for everyone. I love handcrafted gifts items.

  106. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva BeaumontReply

    I love the beauty and uniqueness of every single item on Etsy. It is hard for me spending time on Etsy because i will always want to buy EVERYTHING!

  107. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    I love the variety of unique handcrafted gifts that would suit anyone on my Christmas list. The fact that I am supporting Australian artists is also a big bonus.

  108. Avatar of Sarahmary92

    Im always amazed at how incredibly creative people are!

  109. Avatar of amandagorton

    I discover things I’ve never before seen because Etsy is a break from the commercially mainstream!

  110. Avatar of Sarah Masson
    Sarah MassonReply

    Gorgeous and creative handmade creations that can’t be bought from shopping centres

  111. Avatar of ggrugger

    Etsy is a marketplace I can browse from home. Affordable items with a huge range, most of them unique.

  112. Avatar of Rachel

    It is the best place to find those one of a kind things that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s also great for a little bit of inspiration.

  113. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    It is many beautiful and creative artwork that I can give special gifts to my friends and family even myself.

  114. Avatar of Melissa Dow
    Melissa DowReply

    I love the diversity of products and the love and time spent into creating them

  115. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Esty has beautiful Christmas Gift Guide for everyone and every budget. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  116. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah BlockleyReply

    I love that Etsy often has beautiful things that you can’t find anywhere else and you can find sellers all over the world and many are happy to post here. I have often bought stunning hair clips and accessories for my daughter at a fraction of what I would expect to pay here.

  117. Avatar of Lorna M

    Etsy, inspires me! Heaps of creative people with amazing ideas, I love browsing at all the wonderful creative items from all over the globe.

  118. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love the Etsy is full of unique items all of which are beautiful and that you can shop from the comfort of your own home

  119. Avatar of Samara McRae
    Samara McRaeReply

    I love that I can find the most creative and amazing things that I can’t find in shops. I also love that I am supporting small independent business.

  120. Avatar of Julia Burford
    Julia BurfordReply

    I love that I can get a unique gift for anyone that is perfectly suited to their specific tastes.

  121. Avatar of Paul Ferris
    Paul FerrisReply

    Etsy brings such varied and amazing that I simply couldnt find elsewhere, and all at my fingertips

  122. Avatar of Justine Liane
    Justine LianeReply

    Etsy products are so unique, you can’t buy them just anywhere and that is what I love most about Etsy!

  123. Avatar of Nicole Francais
    Nicole FrancaisReply

    Great stuff, love to support the handmade crafts. Only downfall is that one can spend hours looking and buying great things

  124. Avatar of Alison Lee

    Beautiful and amazing creations. Love supporting local artisans!

  125. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    Unique, amazing products. Supporting small business.

  126. Avatar of Jenny Edwards
    Jenny EdwardsReply

    Love the idea of paying for something from a craftsman rather than mass produced

  127. Avatar of Beksmum

    Being able to support local artists is great, since hearing about them I’ve even passed a few friends their details, such a great opportunity 🙂

  128. Avatar of Shu-Ching Ching
    Shu-Ching ChingReply

    Love beautiful and unique gifts for those closet to me. Esty has ideas .

  129. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    A gift for special one , Esty has beautiful Christmas gift ideas.

  130. Avatar of Karen Stevens
    Karen StevensReply

    I love Etsy because you can always find something original and unique.

  131. Avatar of Joanna H

    I love that Etsy provides the best outlet to showcase creativity. From humble beginnings, Etsy supports passion for making which can grow into something amazing. Browsing products on Etsy is like diving into a haven of goodness, it’s not always easy to pick that one special product, because they’re all wonderful, but when you do, it’s always a delight!

  132. Avatar of Kate

    I love the range of things you can find and the fact that someones love, thought and effort has gone into every single thing!

  133. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren JordanReply

    I love the unique handcrafted products. I don’t like the fact that by the time I get myself organised to purchase something the item is already sold!! But that just speaks to the talent and quality of the items for sale.

  134. Avatar of Ling

    With Etsy it’s easy to find something different and made with passion instead of mass machine produced items people don’t necessarily treasure.

  135. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina EReply

    Takes you back to the days of traditional hand made, unique toys & gifts that are all made with the love of craft & art. Special personalised gifts that can last a life time & bring those extra smiles to their faces because there chosen with love.

  136. Avatar of Emma Prosser
    Emma ProsserReply

    love that you can buy from local people, with amazing service, unique products and quality, without having to leave the house!

  137. Avatar of laureneve

    I love to support Aussie and International Mum’s and Dads. They joy they must get when an order comes through and the joy we get at seeing a hand-made product!

  138. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Etsy has perfect online shopping gift solutions with unique ideas.

  139. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that the items you find on Etsy are unique and hand made by artisans. I cherish the pieces I’ve bought on Etsy as they’ve been made with such care, craft, and heart.

  140. Avatar of Kristina

    I love cutting out the middle man and getting quality hand made items made with love and passion.

  141. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita ThornReply

    I love finding unique items that I can grab for gifts…I love the creativity and resourcefulness of the traders on Etsy. I spend hours looking through all the items.

  142. Avatar of Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B.Reply

    I love that Etsy gives small makers a platform to expose and sell their unique products!

  143. Avatar of Lydia Kara

    I love Etsy so much! It really paves the way for fresh designers!

  144. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth DaveyReply

    Unique designers from the world over, creating products that capture hearts and smiles

  145. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Esty has unique and beautiful Christmas gifts ideas for this magical Christmas.

  146. Avatar of Gamage Wijayasekera
    Gamage WijayasekeraReply

    Etsy has very creative and different products. They are unique. We can alot of money. Very satisfied with the products there.It’s nice to support local families.

  147. Avatar of Trish NJ Welsh
    Trish NJ WelshReply

    Buying Etsy for Christmas means you really put thought into their present. You are supporting small businesses, and taking away a beautifully unique artisanal gift!

  148. Avatar of LadyTiffany OfGlencoe
    LadyTiffany OfGlencoeReply

    Etsy has such a fantastic range, unique gifts for everyone and can always find the unusual too..

  149. Avatar of Chris A.

    I love being able to support small businesses with unique goods.

  150. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    I love Etsy for all the unique and beautiful things that can be found there which are unlike anything you can buy in a shop! When I’m looking for a special gift I always find the perfect one on Etsy!

  151. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    I love that they stock unique things that are available nowhere else. Nobody wants an item that everyone has, we want to stand out and with Etsy you can.

  152. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    The unique gifts and homemade feel,
    For something heartfelt it appeals!
    Great to express your kindness,
    I wouldn’t choose anything less!

  153. Avatar of Michelle D

    Etsy is a burst of colour in an beige world of products. I love being able to find a one-of-a-kind piece of creativity that hasn’t been mass-produced, that’s been made with a person’s hands.

  154. Avatar of Charlotte

    I love the insight into other people’s creative minds… I am an avid crafter and creator myself but see things on Etsy I never would have thought of or been capable of making, and I love that diversity and freedom of the online crafting world!

  155. Avatar of Kim

    Love supporting individuals and small businesses and being able to buy products I can’t get elsewhere

  156. Avatar of Sophie

    I love that it’s affordable, good quality and the abundance of choice. It has everything you can think of!

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