11 Kmart Hacks To Try This Christmas

‘Tis the season to bust out the hot glue gun and attempt some Kmart Hacks. Yes, Christmas is indeed ripe with possibility for the craft-inclined among us.

At Mum Central, we love a good Christmas Kmart hack. It’s a bit of an annual tradition of ours to round up our favourites. Check out the best Kmart Christmas ideas from 2018, these brilliant three gorgeous and easy Christmas hacks to make you look like a pro and these three clever and simple Kmart Christmas hacks for all skill levels.

And now, to round up the best, weirdest and most fun Kmart hacks the internet has to offer this Christmas…

2019 Kmart Christmas Hacks

1. Giant Christmas Baubles

This is probably the most fun hack we’ve seen so far – giant Christmas baubles created using… can you guess?


This clever mum has popped these bad boys out on her front lawn this silly season, and we love the idea so much!

Yoga Ball Baubles
Image credit: Amy Matthews via Kmart Hacks & Decor

2. Christmas Shoes

There’s a reason this hack comes up year after year – it’s so easy, and so customisable. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you can bust out a couple of these adorable reindeer thongs no probs. Or for an even quicker (but just as festive!) Christmas shoe, simply glue on a pair of hair clips.

Kmart Christmas Shoes
Image credits: Suzie Cornell (L) & Patricia Orwin (R) via Kmart Mums Australia

3. Festive Letterboard

The letterboard stakes have been raised! Last year it was all about the Christmas tree-shaped message, and don’t get us wrong – there’s a reason it’s a classic. But if you want to tizzy up your standard-issue Kmart letterboard, even more, this year, add a couple of adornments like this mum did.

Christmas Letterboard
Image credit: Louise Garcia via Kmart Mums Australia

4. Ombre Christmas Tree

This stunning tree decorating idea takes the ombre trend to a whole new level – no craft skills required.

Ombre Christmas Tree
Image credit: Charley Miles via Kmart Mums Australia

5. Bulk Gifts For All The Nieces and Nephews

This mum had a lot of kids to buy for – and her solution is brilliant and budget-friendly. She created these gorgeous treat jars using Kmart’s lidded mason jar glasses filled with treats. It’s a super-savvy gift in so many ways – it’s homemade, it’s quick to put together, it’s affordable, and it ensures no kid is left feeling like their cousin’s gift was wayyyy cooler than their own.

Christmas Treat Jars
Image credit: Sharvelle Mackay via Kmart Mums Australia

6. Gift Wrap In A Frame

I mean that’s literally all it is. Gift wrap. In a frame. So simple, and yet it really packs a cheery punch!

Framed Gift Wrap
Image credit: Leanne Dodds via Kmart Hacks & Decor

7. Native Animal Baubles

These stunning baubles are the creation of Kmart Hack Queen on Instagram and would make a perfect addition to any Aussie tree this Christmas. Aren’t they beautiful!? They may be on the craftier side of things but will make absolutely beautiful keepsakes that you’ll love unboxing for many Christmasses to come.

Native Animal Baubles
Image credit: Kmart Hack Queen

8. Framed Christmas Ornaments

For another rather pretty Kmart Christmas Hack, we love this idea by Look What I Found on Instagram: pretty Christmas ornaments dangling in a picture frame. So elegant, so stylish, and with a bit of jute twine and some screw eyes, pretty simple to knock together.

Framed Christmas Ornaments
Image Credit: Look What I Found

9. Christmas Words

Someone has found a great alternative way to use Kmart’s pretty light up alphabet tree ornaments. Noting that you can spell out any Christmassy word you choose, she simply mounted the ornaments to a piece of wood. And the result is gorgeous!

Light Up Ornaments - Joy
Image credit: The Bargain Hacker

10. Napkin Ring Santas

These little guys are ridiculously cute! And with just a pack of Kmart’s Santa hat napkin rings, some pom poms, some wool and (of course!) your handy dandy hot glue gun, they could be making your home that little bit more cheery. If this DIY appeals, you can find the full instructions here.

Napkin Ring Santas
Image credit: The Bargain Hacker

11. Solar Light Baubles

These are some gorgeous lawn decorations! And get this – they’re made out of clear plastic cups! Yep, plastic cups. With holes drilled in the bottom, and solar-powered twinkle lights poked through. Amazing. Stunning. And extremely satisfying when you proudly tell everyone who’ll listen “GUESS WHAT I MADE THESE THINGS!”

Solar Light Baubles

Solar Light Bauble
Image credit: Amy Matthews

And that’s a wrap!

Are those hands itching to start poring over the Chrissy section at Kmart at this point? Be sure to check out these gorgeous and easy Kmart Christmas decor hacks

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