18 Easy Condensed Milk Recipes

If you have a surplus of condensed milk in your pantry, these condensed milk recipes will serve you well! Many of these recipes make brilliant budget-friendly gifts, especially for Christmas, so be sure to bookmark for later!

Condensed milk recipes are coming thick and fast

From balls to slices, fudge and even a Biscoff ice cream – ALL of these recipes will please a sweet tooth to no end! Most of these condensed milk recipes use a full tin, but for the few that don’t, please know that you can freeze condensed milk by pouring it into a zip-lock bag and freezing it flat.


18 condensed milk recipes for every sweet tooth

1. Jelly slice

An oldie but a goodie, a jelly slice is a three-layered cheesecake (without being an actual cheesecake). This jelly slice recipe is incredibly easy to make and is always a hit with a crowd!

condensed milk recipes
Jelly slice is a condensed milk recipe CLASSIC. Source: Unsplash

2. 3-ingredient Oreo balls

Delicious Oreo balls wrapped in coconut, they’ve got the flavour profile of a lamington with a sweet Oreo edge. They’re perfect for that pesky sweet craving – or give as a gift to a fellow Oreo biscuit lover!

condensed milk recipes
A must-have for Oreo lovers! Source: Supplied

3. Caramel fudge

School holidays are here so bring on the sugar to get us through the days, right?! I give you an easy peasy Thermomix caramel fudge recipe to kick the 3pm slump… and the 100s&1000s make it!

condensed milk recipes
This fudge makes an outstanding gift for young and old! Source: Supplied

4. 3-ingredient apricot balls

A last-minute kids’ snack idea, party plate or after-school treat doesn’t get much easier than this 3-ingredient apricot balls recipe. It’s delicious and quick AND you can keep a stash of these ingredients in your pantry so you’re ready to blitz them up in just minutes!

condensed milk recipes, apricot balls recipe
Apricot balls are SO versatile, from lunch boxes to grazing boards. Source: Supplied

5. Bubble tea at home

My new fave delight, bubble tea is so refreshing and delicious.  A cold tea brew with sweet, chewy tapioca pearls and laden with ice. Skip the queue and learn how to make bubble tea at home – it’s easier than you think!

condensed milk recipes
Save LOTS of money and make bubble tea at home! Source: Supplied

6. Choc orange Jaffas fudge

What better flavour combo is there than chocolate and orange? Sweet and zesty, this choc orange Jaffas fudge is an absolute hit with kids and adults alike. I mean, who can resist Jaffa encrusted fudge?

condensed milk recipes
I’ll take two pieces, please. Source: Supplied

7. Rainbow jelly cake

Jelly-loving kids are going to think all of their birthdays have come at once with this wobbly jelly cake. It’s FUN, it’s different and stained glass jelly is CLEVER!

mum central
No-bake and wobbly! It’s a jelly cake win! Source: Supplied

8. Lemon coconut slice

The perfect sweet afternoon pick-me-up or lunch box treat, this lemon coconut slice is lip-smackingly good and a winner for lovers of all things lemon!

condensed milk recipes
This is a slice with ZING, the best kind! Source: Supplied

9. 3-ingredient Biscoff ice cream

OK, if they’re handing out awards for the easiest, most satisfying recipes this year, this Biscoff ice cream surely is a front-runner in the race.  Just THREE ingredients, plus you don’t even need an ice cream machine!

Biscoff ice cream
Biscoff ice cream for the win! Source: Supplied

10. Baileys Irish Cream balls

If it’s a homemade edible gift, a sweet late-night treat or something fancy (but fuss-free) to offer guests that you want, these Baileys Irish Cream balls are the bomb-diggity! Just blitz, mix and roll.

Baileys Irish Cream balls
Give a gift of a bottle of Baileys AND Baileys balls. Source: Supplied

11. Vanilla bean ice cream with Yakult!

Getting some added gut health into your daily diet is super easy if you’re an ice cream lover! We make Yakult no-churn vanilla bean ice cream with ease – and you can too. It’s sweet and creamy, just like the real deal.

yakult vanilla bean ice cream
Ice cream with Yakult – YOU BET. Source: Supplied

12. Churros with Caramilk sauce

If you’re gearing up for a big night of Netflix binging, fix yourself a decadent churros snack complete with a luxuriously silky vanilla Caramilk sauce to (double) dip into. YUM!

churros and caramilk recipe
Did someone say Netflix? Source: Supplied

13. Chocolate caramel slice

Need a low-cost, morning tea option using pantry basics? A chocolate caramel slice is always the answer. Sweet caramel sandwiched between a buttery biscuit layer and chocolate. I’ll take two pieces thanks!

bake sale caramel slice
Condensed milk recipes are always crowd-pleasers. Source: Supplied

14. Giant cherry ripe slice

Yes, you read that right. You can make a Giant Cherry Ripe Bar at home. It’s a little bit brownie, a little bit cherry coconut and a whole lot of choc wrapped deliciousness.

Cherry Ripe Slice recipe
Do condensed milk recipes include Cherry Ripe? YES. Source: Supplied

15. Rolo, Maltesers and Choc Ripple biscuit slice

Could there be any greater thing to come from the kitchen, when three of the best chocolate sweet treats become ONE? I think not. Sweet tooths, come see what all the fuss is about with this Rolo, Maltesers and Choc Ripple biscuit slice!

condensed milk recipe
Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, a win for condensed milk recipes. Source: Supplied

16. Layered jelly cups

You’ll get a mum of the year award for pulling these babies out of the fridge on Christmas day, layered jelly cups not only look fancy pants but they’re a crowd favourite.

condensed milk recipe
So FANCY FESTIVE PANTS! Source: Supplied

17. 4-ingredient condensed milk mayonnaise

Prepare for your mind to be blown because you can make a mayonnaise recipe and salad dressing with a tin of condensed milk. This 4-ingredient condensed milk mayonnaise recipe is an absolute hit – just like Grandma used to make!

mayonnaise recipe
A salad dressing made from condensed milk? Absolutely! Source: Bigstock

18. Condensed milk caramel

It’s almost like turning water into wine, but BETTER. We’re talking about taking a simple run-of-the-mill tin of sweetened condensed milk and turning it into a tin of delectable, thick caramel without even opening the tin. Perfect for filling tart shells too!

condensed milk caramel
Made on the stove or in the slow cooker, condensed milk caramel is lush! Source: Supplied

There you have it, 18 delicious condensed milk recipes to use up ALL the tins in your pantry. Do you have a favourite recipe using condensed milk? Drop it in the comments below, we’d love to hear it!

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