25 Joyfully Unique Baby Names Starting with J

Did you know J is the most common letter of the alphabet for names? There are thousands of adorable J baby names, some really popular, some incredibly rare, and many in between. J names were especially popular in the 80s but the letter remains a huge hit for parents-to-be.

We’ve rounded up the most popular names starting with J as well as 25 rare J baby names that you might want to consider for your little ones.

Some are etched in nature, some ooze with vintage cool, some come with a lovely meaning, and some we simply love the way they sound.

Behold – the cutest names starting with J!

Most Popular Baby Names Starting with J

These are the J names that made the top 100 most popular names in Australia (boys and girls) in 2023.


  • Jasmine

Only 1 J name made it to the top 100 for girls but we know plenty more J girl names that are very popular – or were in the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

  • Josie
  • Jessica
  • Jade
  • Jane
  • Jody
  • Jaime
  • Jacklyn
  • Julie
  • Julia
  • Jana
  • Jenna
  • Jordan
  • Jordana
  • Jennifer
  • Joanne

BOYS: Out of the top 100 baby boy names, 11 start with J.

  • Jack
  • James
  • Jordan
  • Jayden
  • Jackson
  • Jude
  • Jaxon
  • Jacob
  • Jasper
  • Joshua
  • Joseph

Other common J names for boys include Joey, Johnathan, Jonah, Jonas, Jameson and Jason.

Additional names beginning with J to consider

1. Juliet – Feminine and etched in literature, Juliet is strong, elegant and means ‘youthful’.

2. Jeremiah The Summer I Turned Pretty is turning this name into a hot contender. Jeremiah is a biblical baby name exuding wisdom, power, and strength.

3. Jaya – Another pretty-sounding name, Jaya is a cute alternative to Kaya and means ‘victorious’.

4. Jupiter –  A very bold option, Jupiter is powerful and commanding – great for a next-gen leader! Jupiter is the head Roman god, the god of sky and weather and a planet, of course. A very celestial name. 

5. Jersey – This is a newer name option that you won’t see every day, great for parents looking for a unique unisex J name.

6. Juniper – A lovely nature name, Juniper means ‘young’ or ‘evergreen’ and is associated with juniper berries and trees – a beautiful blossoming option!

7. Jovie – Sweet and spunky, Jovie oozes with happiness and means ‘joyful’ making it a delightful choice for your darling.

8. Jayla -This name is not only very pretty but it’s also cool because it has three different interesting meanings including ‘victory’, ‘heal’ and ‘God will protect’.

9. Jarvis –  A little bit posh and a little bit vintage, Jarvis is an up-and-comer that’s rising thanks to the Marvel Universe.

10. Joella – Jo-names are quite common (Joanne, Jolene, Josephine) but we like Joella because it’s got that peppy vibe combined with a Southern charm.

11. Jace – While Jace was commonly used as a nickname for Jason, the name is now being used on its own.

12. Josiah – Another biblical choice, Josiah means ‘God supports and heals’ and is a cute alternative to the more popular Joshua.

13. Jessa – This is the next generation of Jessica or Jesse and we love it! I’ve also seen parents choosing Jessalyn and Jessamyn so something a little longer and elegant.

14. Jensen – Charming and courtly, Jensen is a lovely new J name for boys that we predict will gain momentum in the next few years.

15. Jagger – Edgy and vibrant, Jagger will forever be considered a rock-n-roll royalty name.

16. Jai – If you like short and sweet names, Jai certainly fits the bill. It’s smooth, calming and means “triumph’.  For a female option, try Jae. 

17. Juna  – Juno and June are two lovely names starting with J but we really love the name Juna which is a little less common. Juna means ‘source of life’.

18. Jewel – This name isn’t new – we’ve seen Jewel being used for decades, but we haven’t seen it in a while. It’s a lovely choice for any precious gem.

19. Jia – A short and spunky choice, Jia comes with a lovely meaning too – the Chinese name means ‘favourite person, home or family’.

20. Jona – Jonah is a popular choice for boys but how about Jona for a little girl? The Hebrew name means dove’.

21. ett/Jet- This speedy name is a great choice for parents looking for something sharp and snappy. I’ve seen it used for both girls and boys. Another cute variant is Jetta.

22. Jori -Jori means ‘to flow down’ and has a poetic vibe to it.

23. Jericho – Meaning ‘city of the moon’, Jericho is a cultural-rich choice for trendy little kids.

24. Jarrah – A sweet choice, Jarrah means ‘honey’.

25. Journey-  We’ll end with one of our top picks for wanderlust baby names, a great choice for any travel lovers out there.

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