26+ Lovely Baby Names Starting with L

There’s a lot to love about baby names starting with L! The L sound is soft and pretty and it’s not only a popular choice to start a name but also features in many name suffixes including “ly”, “lie” and “lyn”. If you’re after a baby name beginning with L, you’ve got plenty to choose from!

Check out the most popular L baby names as well as 25 uncommon contenders that you might just love.

Common L baby names:

Names starting with L are incredibly popular. Out of the top 200 names in Australia last year, 21 started with L, which is over 10% (7 girl names and 14 boys names).

All of these names are lovely, but if you’re after a more unique L baby name, keep scrolling – we’ve got 33 alternatives that are just as sweet!

  • Lily/Lilly
  • Luna
  • Lucy
  • Layla
  • Lola
  • Lara
  • Lucky
  • Leo
  • Luca/Luka
  • Levi
  • Lucas
  • Liam
  • Lincoln
  • Lachlan
  • Leonardo
  • Leon
  • Louie/ Louis
  • Lennox
  • Logan

Unique names starting with L

1. Lake – A lovely water name, Lake is a refreshing choice.

2. Lacey – A cute alternative to Lucy.

3. Lux – Sweet on its own, but also as a nickname for Luxury, which is actually rising in popularity this year. Very fancy!

4. Leni – I’ve always liked this quirky name for a little girl, which means “light”.

5. Lark/Larkin – Bird names are nothing new but you don’t hear Lark as much as some of the more common bird names like Raven and Robin.

6. Leandro – Similar to Leo, but not nearly as popular, Leandro means “lion”.

7. Lazarus  – This Biblical name means “God is my helper”.

8. LaineThere are a few alternatives to Laine, including Lane, Layne or Lainey. All very unique.

9. LaiaThis sweet name means “sweet-speaking”.

10. Lennon – Etched in rock n roll history, Lennon actually means “lover”.

11. Leopold – We love an old-school grandpa name and this one fits the bill! It’s very proper too.

12. LeightonA sweet place name that means “meadow town”.

13. Linden – A nature name, Linden means “made from Linwood”. It’s a cute alternative to the more popular nature names like River and Willow.

14. London – A geographical gem, London is bold and sophisticated.

15. Lysander -A true warrior name, we like Lysander as an alternative to Alexander. Lysander means “liberator”.

16. LottieLottie is a common nickname for the super-popular Charlotte but it’s also gaining traction on its own. Lottie has that vintage vibe and means “little and womanly”.

17. LiorNot many have heard of this unique L baby name, but Lior means “my light”.

18. LockeIf you can look past the Lost reference, Locke is actually a pretty cool and strong name.

19. Lilac – Flower names are incredibly popular, including Lily, Rose and Violet. But there are a few more than you might consider, including Lilac.

20. Lotus – Another whimsical flower name to consider is Lotus.

21. Lavender – Sticking to the nature theme, Lavender is another ethereal option, great for parents looking for a longer name.

22. Luella Perfect for a little fighter, Luella means “warrior“.

23. Llewellyn – Llewyn is a Welsh name that’s typically male but not always. It is pronounced “Lou-Ell-In” and means “like a lion”.

24. Lyra – A musical moniker, Lyra refers to a harp and is one of the prettiest-sounding L baby names we’ve come across.

25. Lyric – Another musical choice, Lyric translates to “songlike”.

26. Lynx – For animal lovers, the fierce and feisty name, Lynx, might be a good choice and makes a unique alternative to the more popular Lincoln (Linc).

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What do you think? Do you love any of these baby names beginning with L?

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