Discover 22 Uncommon Baby Names Starting with K

If you’re after a cute baby name starting with K, then you’ve come to the right place.  The letter K is one of the most popular letters for names. Experts believe it’s because the K sound rolls off the tongue nicely. The letter K is also associated with kindness and compassion.

While the Kardashians kind of ruined the K letter for many, you’ll still be able to find plenty of cute names starting with K that aren’t associated with them.

Whether you’re after a K baby name to match a sibling, want to honour a relative or simply love the K sound, behold Mum Central’s top picks for unique baby names starting with K.

A lot of the more unique names starting with K are actually traditional C names. Khloe, Kade, Karter, Kaleb and Kash, for example, are typically spelled Chloe, Cade, Carter, Caleb and Cash. We’re not mentioning these names in this list but have a look at our Baby Names Beginning with C if you do like this trend.

Most Popular K Names

Some of the most common names of the 70s, 80s and 90s started with K including Karen, Kimberly, Kylie, Kelly, Kayla, Kevin, Kaitlyn, Katherine, Kristin, Ken and Kyle.

In the 2020s, K baby names actually don’t feature in the top 100 most popular baby names lists. There are only two names starting with K in the top 100 – Kai and fast-riser, Koa.

Unique baby names starting with K  – Expand your naming options

Kian – You can pronounce this name two ways – Kee-Ann, or, as we prefer Ky-Ann. Kian means “king” or “realm”.

King – Speaking of King, this is another bold choice. But it’s not one for any Aussie bubs. King is actually on the banned baby name list as it’s an official title. You may be able to get away with Kingston, however.

Kira – The name Kira is used in several different languages and comes with several lovely meanings. IN Freek, Kira means “mistress, lady”. In Sanskrit, Kira may be related to Kiram, which means “beam of light”. In Irish, Kira can translate to “black” while in Japan, Kira means “glittery”.

Kinley – This gender-neutral choice is a bold one and has a bit of a nature vibe to it. Kinley is of Irish origin and means “fair-haired Viking” and seems a bit fiery.

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Koen – Koen means “bold advisor” and is a variation of the more popular Cohen. Both sound the same but actually mean different things. Cohen means “priest”.

Khai – A unique alternative to Kai, Khai means “sea” and is a little more feminine than the Kai version.

Kinsley – A little bit cute and a little bit regal, Kinsley means “the king’s meadow”.

KaliWhile similar to Callie, Kali actually means “divine mother” in Sanskrit.

Keziah – This unique name starting with K can be shortened to either Kez, Kezzy or Kizzy – all super cute. Keziah means “cinnamon”.

Kennedy – Kennedy is a popular surname but it’s gaining in popularity for a first name. It’s also a modern option for those wanting to honour any Kenneths or Kens in the family.

Knox – If you like the X ending, Knox is a punchy and powerful choice. Knox means “round-top hill”.

Kaia/Kaya – This is a cute choice with the meaning of “little but wise”, very fitting for a new baby!

Kaiser – Another powerful choice, Kaiser means “emporer” and might be fitting for the next mini ruler of your household.

KaiusA heroic choice, Kaius translates to “rejoice” in Latin.

Kipling – Etched in literature but also delicate and sweet, Kipling isn’t a name you hear every day.

KodaIn Japan, Koda means “friend” which is very fitting. However, keep in mind that Koda is also a pretty common name for a dog.

Kenzie – Once short for McKenzie, Kenzie is now considered strong enough to be used as a name and actually means “daughter of a handsome man”. Go figure!

Kiki – Another name often used as a nickname in the past, Kiki is now moving up the ranks similar to Lola and Lulu. Kiki means “new life”.

Kemp – If you’re after a name that describes your little fighter, then Kemp is a great choice. It literally means “fighter, champion” and could be a good option for any miracle babies that defied the odds.

Keaton – A common surname, Keaton means “place of hawks” and is a trendy choice for all genders.

Kyla – You’ve probably heard the name Kayla being used often, but how about Kyla? This name translates to “slender” in Gaelic.

Kyra – Another Ky name, Kyra is one of our strongest K baby names meaning “female ruler”. Definitely a good one for any strong-willed little ladies! 

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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