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BabyLove Launches Cute & Comfy Swim Pants for Active Water Babies

Summer days with your little one just got a whole heck of a lot easier (and cuter) thanks to these extra-adorable, all-Aussie cossies from BabyLove. 

From the beach and waterpark to swimming lessons and the paddling pool, whatever water adventures are ahead, these all-new Swim Pants are sure to be a splashin’ hit for both you and your little one.

BabyLove is one of the best brands on the market for nappies. I’ve tried all the nappies with my 10-month-old and can confidently say that BabyLove gets top marks, hands down. But when it comes to wet and wild water-play or even sandy-sitdowns at the beach or creek, regular nappies just don’t cut it.

This is why BabyLove has designed its new disposable Swim Pants range, just in time for summer. Say goodbye to bulky nappies and G’day to a better way to ensure your bub is equipped for all water play. 

New babyLove swim pants, child at beach


child at beach wearing babylove swim pants

Water adventure is out there

BabyLove Swim Pants only just hit the shelves last week so if you can be excused if you haven’t seen them before! 😉  They are available at Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Foodland, Drakes, and select IGA and pharmacies and are certainly worth trying, especially as the weather heats up and the beach is calling your name.

I recently gave a pair a go with my very active bub and both of us are absolutely loving them! She’s worn them to swimming lessons, around the pool in the backyard and to the beach and we’ve received so many compliments on how cute they are.

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Funky designs for Aussie beach bums

The styles are as Aussie-as-they come and were actually chosen by Aussie mums for their contemporary beach feel. They look like real swimmers but with that added level of poop and pee protection that babies and toddlers still need. There are refreshing Icy Poles (small, for babies 6-12 kg), peachy Flamingos (medium, for infants 9-14 kg) and bubbly sun/surf (large, for toddlers 12-22 kg).

child and dad at beach, babylove swim pants

Comfy for bub, convenient for you 

They look good, but what’s even better is how they perform under pressure. They come with a 360-degree waistband and won’t swell or leak. We’ve had no awkward pool poo explosions and no sand-in-bum dramas after a beach trip.

child at beach wearing babylove swim pants

Another thing I really love about BabyLove Swim Pants is how comfortable they feel. They are made from a softer material that is gentle on the skin and have a comfortable waistband that won’t dig into your baby’s chubby legs or tum. This is one of my biggest issues with non-disposable nappies – they are so tight around her legs and end up hurting my little one, especially after a couple of hours of wearing them.

Not with these Swim Pants – they are tight in all the right places but stretchy enough to accommodate her extra squishy chub.

babylove swim pants little boy

Surf’s up, nappy down! 

Plus, they have easy-to-tear side seams for a quick change, which is especially handy if you do happen to find more than just sand in their nappy. The easy-to-tear sides are also great for squirmers who aren’t too keen on staying still!

babylove swim pants little boy at beach

We love them, now it’s your turn to try! 

Whether your wee one is crawling, toddling, walking or running, BabyLove Swim Pants are definitely worth testing out. Look out for the bold and colourful BabyLove Swim Pants at Australian beaches and pools this summer and pick up your own pack at Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Foodland, Drakes and select IGA and pharmacies for $13 per pack (RRP). 

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This is a sponsored post for Babylove Swim Pants.
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