Dinosaur Party Ideas: Get Inspired with This Roarsome Dino-Mite Party

You would never know that this dinosaur party was the first time Kathryn had planned or hosted a party. It turned out at a dino-mite level of amazingness!

Kathryn posted her terrific dinosaur party to the Facebook group Party Mums Australia and to say we’re all completely jealous of her DIY skills would be an understatement.

What an epic effort to deliver a spectacular party for her son’s 4th birthday. And did her little boy love it?

“He had a great day. It was worth all the effort and exhaustion to see the look on his and his friends’ faces. He woke up today asking for his number 5 party – let the planning begin!”

Safe to say that’s a yes, boy did he love it!

Prepare yourself for a visual feast and have your Pinterest saving button handy. This is one dinosaur party you’re going to come back to for ideas, for sure!

dinosaur party theme
Kathryn made a roaring impact setting the scene! Source: Kathryn Farrell

Kathryn admits that planning and hosting a party is a lot of work – both in planning, prepping and the day itself.

She chose to DIY everything she could to keep costs down, which is super smart in the current climate. So what did Kathryn’s DIY / crafting list look like?

Hold on to your tape dispenser guys, this mum was a busy one!

dinosaur party birthday theme
Cornflute arches, balloon garlands and dinosaurs, oh my! Source: Kathryn Farrell

Look here if you want to know how to make cornflute arches and balloon garlands!

Flex your DIY dinosaur party elbow

Kathryn spent many hours collating ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for all the coolest and achievable things dinosaur party themed. She made the front door Jurassic Park gate decorations, party wall signs, party backgrounds and colourful balloon garlands for a start.

Then of course there’s entertainment because all kids want to have a roaring good time!

dinosaur party bubbles station
Brontosaurus bubble-blowing station. Source: Kathryn Farrell

Kathryn knows her way around graphic design tool software, Canva, and designed all the invitations and signs using the program.

Even the Tricera-toss and T-Rex games – Kathryn designed those posters in Canva and then printed them out at Officeworks. IMPRESSIVE!

dinosaur party ring toss
Kathryn made these dinosaur party games HERSELF. Source: Kathryn Farrell

Kathryn thought of everything for this summertime dinosaur party, including a cool ‘watering hole’ hydration station, a basket of safari explorer hats and some DIY-crafted binoculars for the kids to wear and grab before heading out into the yard to spot the dinosaur balloons in the garden. So clever!

dinosaur party decorations
Spot the dinosaur! Source: Kathryn Farrell

She also made sure there was plenty to play and do to actively entertain a bunch of preschoolers outside. She set up a cool chill-out and eating space under cover, a smart-mum move for kids who want to recharge their batteries between games.

dinosaur party dino dig
A shady dino-dig expedition, nice! Source: Kathryn Farrell
dinosaur party watering hole
WATERING HOLE: Hydration is important! Source: Kathryn Farrell
dinosaur party decorations
Eat, sit and relax for a bit you small and cute palaeontologists. Source: Kathryn Farrell

For the kids who love temporary ink, Kathryn set up a tattoo bar where kids could choose their reptile, wet it and stick it for some good old party fun.

Such a simple and cheap thing to do as well. Tattoos from Kmart are stuck on a pinboard. It was a big hit and they all left covered in dinosaurs!

dinosaur party tattoo bar
Temporary tatts, are always a hit! Source: Kathryn Farrell

One of the standout party highlights for all has to have been the visit from Sydney-based Dinosaur Encounters. These guys offer an out-of-this-world interactive dinosaur experience like no other. They’re just like REAL dinosaurs!

dinosaur encounters for dinosaur party
Dinosaur Encounters provide an experience these kids won’t forget! Source: Kathryn Farrell

Dinosaur party loot!

Everyone loves a loot bag! These natural pencil bags from Shein doubled as party loot bags, what a brilliantly practical idea. Kathryn filled each one with a dinosaur notepad, dinosaur pencil, dinosaur eraser and pencil sharpener. And of course, some of the birthday boys’ favourite sweet treats.

dinosaur party loot
Thanks for stomping by! Source: Kathryn Farrell

As you can see, no dino detail was left behind, Kathryn absolutely smashed this dinosaur party through the Jurassic Park gates and out of the jungle canopy. We take our safari hats off to you, mama!

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