Mums are Pimping this $29 Kmart Sausage Roll Maker to Make All These!

Move over pie maker, there’s a new guy on the Kmart scene that’s setting tongues wagging and tastebuds buzzing. ALL HAIL THE KMART SAUSAGE ROLL MAKER. And naturally, people are making everything that’s NOT a sausage roll in it and we’re SO FOR IT.

There’s something so satisfying at being able to create delicacies in a snack machine otherwise left to a trained pastry chef. But no, Kmart has us all throwing caution to the wind, and making a beeline for the frozen pastry to become instant, smug Masterchefs.

Behold the Kmart Sausage Roll Maker

Here’s Kmart’s latest addition to their snackmaker line up, the Sausage Roll Maker. At just $29, it’s no surprise they are literally flying off the shelves.

Kmart sausage roll maker
Deliciousness awaits with the just landed Kmart Sausage Roll Maker! Source: Kmart

I mean sure, you could just make sausage rolls in the machine and be happy with that. After all, who doesn’t love a good sausage roll. HOWEVER, clever mums around the country are pushing its limits with these gems, posted in  Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia Facebook group.

Get ready to drool….

Sausage Roll Maker hacks unleashed

1.  Mars Bar Pastry Thingmajigs

No other caption for Michelle’s post was required other than FYI, full size Mars Bars fit perfectly into the sausage roll maker…..YUM!!!! to stun us all into utter silence at the pure genius of wrapping a chocolate bar in pastry and cooking it.  A fine dusting of icing sugar to finish it off gives it all the zjush it needs!

Sure, it’s not a dieter’s friend but we’re not here to count calories guys. #getinmybelly

mum central
A Mars Bar sausage roll. Shut up and take my money. Source: Facebook / Michelle Sammon

2. Jam and Cream Matchsticks

Remember matchsticks? The country bakery classic pastry of my youth, they’re still apparently a thing today. Linda says in her post “I decided to put cream, banana and strawberries in them and hubby wanted some strawberry jam in his… so quick, easy and tasty”. Hooley Dooley, I’d be hard-pressed to decide on which one to taste first. Imagine a banoffee version with caramel, cream and banana. ERMAGOSH.

Linda gives ridiculously easy directions on how to recreate it too. Just one sheet of puff pastry folded and cooked for 10 minutes until browned. Cool then cut in half and fill with your chosen fillings. Delicious!

mum central
All the jam and cream please. Source: Facebook / Linda Miles

3.  McDonald’s Inspired Apple Pies

Oh my. We all know the ones. The apple pies which are piping hot, apple and cinnamon goodness on the inside while encased in a crispy, sugar-laden outer. Shut up and take my money already.

Group member Dawn is an absolute dab hand at Sausage Roll Maker creations and posted about how she used a simple tin of pie apples, cinnamon and sultanas to make a similar apple pie at home. Yum! I think these would be fabulous both hot or cold!

Sausage roll maker recipes
Apple pie, the easy way! Source: Facebook / Dawn Smith

4. Chocolate Eclairs

Yep, the Kmart Sausage Roll Maker will have you churning out chocolate eclairs for morning tea in no time. What a hit you’ll be with ALL the kids on the street (when they’re allowed to come to visit, obvs). Again, Dawn showed the popular Facebook group how to whip up a choux pastry and recreate the popular dessert for themselves.  Thanks again for sharing Dawn!

Kmart Sausage Roll Maker
Chocolate eclairs in the Sausage Roll Maker. Source: Facebook / Dawn Smith

So tell us, will you be grabbing a Kmart Sausage Roll Maker for yourself?!

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