10 Reasons Why August Babies Are So Awesome

Attention mums with August-born babies or those mums-to-be expecting this month. We’ve got some awesome news for you!

Your adorable August baby is destined for greatness. There have been a number of studies that have looked into the characteristics of people born in August and it’s looking great for all little Leos and Virgos!

Below are just 10 of the many reasons why August babies ooze with amazingness!

1. Confident cool cats 

August babies will either be Leos (born before 22 August) or Virgo (born after 22 August). Confidence is a quality of both Leos and Virgos and you can also expect your little one to be quite the charismatic charmer too.

2. Natural leaders

Babies born in August are destined to be in leadership positions and are natural-born leaders as well as teachers. Sure, your August baby may be a bit of a bossy-boots on the playground, but, that’s not such a bad thing.

Playground president now. CEO later.

3. Top of the class

In terms of age, that is. August babies are often the oldest in the class. The cut-off for many states in Australia is June/July – for NSW, WA, and QLD anyway. This also means your little one will be one of the first to turn 16 and get a driver’s license. EEK!

4. A great attitude

Perhaps one of the best things about August babies is their positive attitude. August babies have the ability to see the sunny side of life. These cheery cherubs will probably always be smiling, even if they are overtired or teething. Lucky mummies!

5. Captain Smartypants

August babies tend to be developmentally ahead of their peers so don’t be surprised if your babe learns to crawl, walk and babble earlier than anticipated. Better stock up on baby proofing products!

August babies are known to be very smart but also incredibly headstrong – a combination that makes them unstoppable!

6. Spotlight seekers

Better start saving for dance, art, and music lessons now because your little one loves to be in the spotlight. They are bursting with creative energy and charisma which make them natural performers.

7. Perfect party weather

Another cool thing about August babies is that August is an ideal month for birthday parties – it’s not sweltering hot and you can easily plan a party for a park or playground without worrying about people melting from the heat.

It also means you don’t have to endure a summer pregnancy which is a MASSIVE bonus! However, it does mean that your little one will be born in a cooler month which can mean dryer skin.

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8. Super cute name choices

If you’re stuck on what to name your August-born bubba, you have some excellent options! August or Augie, for example, or even just Gus.

If you like nature-themed names, both Poppy and Jade are connected to August. Poppy is the flower while Jade is one of the birthstones associated with August.

9. Adventure is out there!

Your little one will love to explore. Expect to be kept on your toes as you discover your little one scaling the playground fence, attempting wheelies on a trike or diving headfirst down the slippery dip.

Pack extra clothes. And extra bandaids.

10. So many giggles

But the best thing about August babies? Their humour! Not only do August babies love to laugh, but they love to make others laugh.

Not only can you expect to spend a lot of time chasing after your fiery wild child, but you can also expect plenty of belly laughs. A great workout for your legs AND your abs.

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