20 of the Best Bogan Baby Names of 2020


Ladies and gents, if you love baby names, then you’re about to enter our very favourite event of the year – the crowning of the most bogan baby name of 2020!


Grab yourself a tin of JD and get ready to cringe at these bogan baby names. We’ve got 20 great contenders thanks to the master of bogan baby names, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson plus our very own gems we’ve come across in our travels.

While last year’s list was tough to beat, we reckon this year the names have entered a whole new realm of boganess.

Let the best bogan names of 2020 countdown begin…

20. T’Quilla – It’s not a bogan baby names list without at least one name honouring nasty booze. Last year it was Fourex. This year it’s T’Quilla. One will make you puke. The other is best served with salt and lemon.

Another cracker? VeeBee. 

19. JinxYep, 2020 was a shitshow. But naming your 2020 baby, Jinx? Really??

18. Foreverleigh Nothing is forever. Except for your kid’s name. #SorryKiddo. 

17. Epik – American songwriter Ray J (pretty sure he also made a sex tape with one of the Kardashians) named his kid Epik and, well, if that’s not OTT, then we don’t know what is!

16. Legynd – Speaking of larger than life names… Make sure you spell it wrong though. Or else it’s just too normal.

15. Honestee – Virtue names. So sweet, right? Faith. Hope. What an ideal symbol for 2020. Except, of course, when you butcher the spelling and ruin EVERYTHING. Honestee, pick up a dictionary.

14. Jaxtynn – Anyone else miss the good ol’ days when Jackson was a completely acceptable name? Yup. Me too.

13. Pistol – Yay gun names! Because the one thing this world needs more of is violence. 🙄  We tossed up a few more to add to the last – Gunner, Rifle, Carbine. In the end, Pistol seemed the most appropriate.

12. A-A – Not to be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous, this little gem actually says “A Dash A”. I’m slowly dying inside.

11. Taco – We get it. Tacos are life. But, please, step away from the pantry when naming your kid. Kale was bad enough.

Top 10 best bogan baby names 2020

10. Myson – Okay, so we know the “son” ending is pretty popular. Hudson. Harrison. Jameson. But no need to remind the world that, yes, you did indeed father a child. Myson. Yourson. Possiblythemailmansson.

9. MadaughxWe love a poorly spelled name. This is meant to say Maddox. But why would you spell it normally when you can add a bunch of random vowels and a token “gh” in the middle of it?

8. Tik – Or Tok. Step away from social media platforms.

7. Jezzabella – Cute, right? Except, Jezebel, according to the Hebrew Bible, means ‘whore’. Sorry, guys but you can’t classy this one up with the “ella” ending. I guarantee Whore-Ella will be shipping you off to a nursing home the first chance she gets.

6. TygrrrHear him roar. With hate. For his name.

5. Klowee – For those playing at home, this is the 2020 version of Chloe. Yup. Wasn’t 2020 fun?

4. Chaton – French for ‘kitten’. Repeat after me. Just because it’s foreign doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Stop it meow.

3. Carole – Speaking of big cats… Well, it’s better than Baskin. Or Exotic.

2. Quaryn-Tine – Corona-inspired baby names is our favourite bad baby name trend of 2020 and we’ve uncovered heaps of hilariously wrong ones – Covyd, Vyress, Sanitiser. But this one gets our vote simply because it’s double-barrelled and spelt wrong.

1. Carryn The most awkward name of the year… Karen, who won’t wear her mask in Bunnings and loves to complain.

The most bogan name of the year? It’s gotta be this misspelled rendition of Karen. Carryn also doesn’t believe in masks and will probably throw an epic tantrum in Bunnings.

Carryn, put on ya damned mask and stop carryin’ on. 

Yep. 2020. Great year for bogan baby names. Shit year for everything else.

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