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Kmart Couture: Watch as Kmart Accessories Turn Into Gorgeous Wearable Art!

Don’t you just love it when super clever people actually share with you just how they transform everyday items into something really special? In this case, the super clever person is Kmart enthusiast and abstract artist Kathleen Jowett who has introduced us to the power of paint. Painted Kmart accessories to be exact.

I’m telling you if you’re not part of the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group, then you are missing out. Because sheesh, there are some talented people out there!

Turning bargain accessories into wearable art

Kathleen made her first painted Kmart accessories debut to the group with this pair of transformed Kmart court shoes on New Year’s Day and just last week, created a second stunning pair.

painted kmart accessories
From plain Jayne to party feet! Source: Kathleen Jowett

Using acrylic paint and gloss varnish, touching up a pair of $20 Kmart shoes is sure to put some pep in your step and a bold flash of brush-stroked colour to any outfit. You’d never guess in a million years that these funky works of wearable art are actually cheap-as-chips Kmart shoes!

Fellow Kmart enthusiasts were quick to comment with fashionista joy (and some point out that mixing a fabric medium with the paint would prevent cracks). So, that’s ALSO good to know.

I love them! Amazing job!! I’d pay good money for shoes like that!!
Such a clever hack…but 100% sure mine wouldn’t turn out like that. Very impressive!
I FRIGGIN LOVE THEM!!!! Take my money 😍
painted Kmart accessories
$20 Kmart heels? NO WAY (but totally yes way). Source: Kathleen Jowett

But wait there are more Kmart accessories to jazz up!

It’s not just Kmart shoes that Kathleen is giving a colourful glow up to, it’s other Kmart accessories too! She says:

“You can paint anything and jazz it up!”

And jazz it up she did. A slightly boring and very neutral beige $5 Kmart headband is now the crowning glory of hair accessories.

painted kmart accessories - headband
Painted Kmart accessories – the hair edition – gorgeous! Source: Kathleen Jowett

And Kathleen also presented us with a bag – YES, A TOTE BAG – painted! WHO EVEN KNEW THIS WAS POSSIBLE?

painted kmart accessories - tote bag
Kmart accessories transformed – painted tote style! Source: Kathleen Jowett

Kmart handbag hack ($20 bag from Kmart). I used acrylic paint (Amsterdam) and posca pens. Painted in an hour plus drying time!

Obviously, Kathleen is an artist (and an amazing one at that), so she has some fancy-ish artist-level Amsterdam acrylic paints that she uses and then finishes each piece in Liquitex gloss varnish to protect the painted finish. But doesn’t this sound like the ultimate paint-and-sip style activity to do with your girlfriends one night?

Watch the Kmart accessories brush-stroke makeover in action

Kathleen shared on her TikTok account the process of creating one-of-a-kind Kmart accessories at home – it’s called Kmart couture, baby.

@kathjowettart Watch me transform these black Kmart heels into designer ready shoes!!! #kathjowettart #abstractartist #abstractart #fashion #designerfashion #designershoes #fashionista #artist #artistontiktok #art #wearableart #creative #colour #kmart #shoes #designers #pretty #colouristhenewblack #trendy #style #stylish #unique #design ♬ The Weekend – Radio Edit – Michael Gray

More Kmart glow-ups

If you’re keen on more Kmart glow-ups, remember this epic Kmart tea towel dress? One lady loved the galah printed $1.50 Kmart tea towel print SO much that she created a dress using them – and the nation bowed down to this Queen and her epic seamstress skills.

And of course, there was the time we all decided a pair of $20 Kmart pyjamas made perfectly good daywear – even party outfits – and Kmart subsequently quickly sold out. Pyjamas? Puhlease, this is the most comfortable party wear getting around. In fact, no need to get changed when you get home, just roll straight into bed. GENIUS.

Kmart accessories and clothing
Kmart enthusiasts making their own rules since forever. Source: Facebook

Have you ever given your Kmart accessories a DIY glow-up? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear all about them!

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