My Baby Named Herself Using a Numerology Name Chart

A family tradition of letting newborns name themselves is blowing up TikTok. Latha Jay, a manifestation coach and new mum has explained how her new baby named herself using a numerology name chart.

While the newborn obviously didn’t announce her name to her mum, her name is based on her baby’s birth date, which, technically, the newborn was kind of responsible for as Latha went into natural labour.

Baby named herself

“I just had a baby, and she named herself,” Latha explained. “Just like my other two kids named themselves.”

According to Latha, using a numerology name chart is something her family has done for generations. This was also the naming technique used when Latha was born.

How it works is the date your baby is born correlates to a specific name that matches the number.

Using the numerology naming theory, here is how it works for Latha’s baby:

  • Latha’s newborn was born on 4 July 2023.
  • Add the birth date numbers 4+7+2+0+2+3.
  • This gives you 18.
  • Then add the 1 and the 8 to make it a single digit, which is 9.

Therefore, she continued, nine is the numerology number associated with the day her daughter was born.

Latha then explains that the numerology chart and birth number are connected to a specific name. Her daughter’s name was then “Ayli Raaj”, which means “moonlit royalty in the Darkwood Forest”.

Per the chart, the newborn’s first name Ayli equals two, and her second name Raaj equals three. Added to her last name, which equals four, her overall number is nine.

“This correlates with the day she was born,” Latha explained.

If you’re a little bit lost on how it works, don’t worry – me too! And we’re not alone. A lot of people commented on how cool the theory sounded but were a bit confused, especially about how the number matches to a name.

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While Latha doesn’t reveal the source of the numerology name chart, millions of people have viewed the video and it’s garnished tons of interest. People have also asked another very interesting question – what if you have twins? Will they be given the same name?

Hopefully, Latha will share a bit more about it when she’s not busy in her newborn baby haze.

Labour slowed to ensure the right name

Latha also explains that labour actually started for her on 3 July 2023. However, when Latha checked the name that correlated to this birth date, she felt it wasn’t right.

“And when I was talking to [Ayli] about her name, she was like, ‘Nah, this ain’t it’. So labour slowed down, and then she was actually born the next day,” she explained.

If you are curious about using numerology to name your baby, we have found a few sources that may be of interest:

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For example:

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  • If you have an earthy Virgo baby, consider Sage, Agnes, Hugo, Ezra, Milo, Caitlin or Mia
  • If you have a water Pisces baby, consider Austin, Arlo, Lyra, Marlowe, Auden, Lucy, Maia or Isabella
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