Flower Baby Names: 33 Sweet Flower Names for Girls and Boys

Flower names for girls have always been quite popular. Flowers make a beautiful symbol for the blossoming love you feel for your baby. They are pretty, colourful and symbolise love, luck, remembrance, wealth and more.

Check out our top 30 flower names for girls, including the popular choices, as well as unique flower baby names for both girls and boys.

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Pretty and popular flower names for girls

These are the flower baby names for girls that are currently in the top 100 most popular Australian baby girl names:

1. Willow – Currently in the top 10 most popular baby names, Willow is fresh, breezy and pretty to boot. A great baby name combo!

2. Lily – Another popular choice, Lily remains high on the list and continues to make its mark on expecting parents. There are plenty of options for this blossoming baby name too – Lillie, Lilly, Lilliana, Lillian, etc.

3. Rose – The epitome of femininity, Rose is classic, romantic and sophisticated – an excellent choice.

4. Ivy – Short and sweet baby names are taking the world by storm and Ivy is definitely climbing up there. This name has moved into 14th position on the most popular baby name list.

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5. Violet – The violet represents innocence, faithfulness and humility.

6. Jasmine – Coming in at #78 on the most popular list, Jasmine is a symbol of true love and purity.

7. Daisy – The daisy is known as the sacred flower for the goddess of love, beauty and fertility and often symbolises childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings.

8. Poppy – The poppy plant represents remembrance but it is also deeply connected to sleep.

Unique flower names for girls

These flower names for girls may not be as trendy, but they are still just as pretty, especially if you’re after something more unique.

9. Bluebell – With deep purple and blue hues, this flower symbolises gratitude and humility.

10. Evanthe – In Greek, Evanthe means “fair flower”.

11. Amaryllis – If you’re after a longer baby name, Amaryllis is certainly pretty. It’s in the same flower family as the lily.

12. Leilani – This Hawaiian flower name is both sassy and energetic.

13. Azalea –  Bold and fiery, Azalea means “flower” and the bloom into a vibrant pink colour – definitely suitable for even the sassiest of sweethearts.

14. Primrose – Made popular by The Hunger Games, Primrose is a lovely choice.

15. Aster – Aster flowers look similar to daisies but they come in bright colours like magenta and purple. The name is also connected to the stars – a perfect choice for your bright shining star!

16. Zinnia – I don’t know why but any girl named Zinnia automatically sounds cool to me. The Zinnia flower represents remembrance and it’s definitely got some edginess to it.

17. Iris – Not only is this a pretty flower name for girls but it’s also a connection to the rainbow, a lovely choice for a rainbow baby – a baby born after a loss or miscarriage. The Iris is a symbol of hope and power.

18. Marigold – A lovely choice for your sunny flower, Marigold often represents power, strength and light.

19. Lilac – While the name Lilac is super popular yet, we predict it could be!

20. Dahlia –  Dahlias signify elegance and dignity, but are also a nod to the eternal bond of commitment – a lovely symbol of the bond between mother and daughter.

21. Holly – We all know it as the Christmas plant, and the name Holly is about as joyful as they come!

Flower-type names

22. Briony – Meaning “to sprout”.

23. Meadow – A field of flowers.

24. Bloom – Blossom works too.

25. Flora – the Roman Goddess of Flowers.

26. Calla – Calla comes from Greek roots, is a type of lily, and means “beautiful.”

27. Lita – Means “garden.

Flower names for boys

Flower names are more popular with girls than boys but here are a few boys’ floral names to consider (most of them are trees, not flowers, but, hey, close enough!)

28. Cane – From sugar cane.

29. Rowan – A tree, Rowan is also associated with the colour red. Other tree names include Ash and Cedar. 

30. Ren – In Irish it means “water lily” and in Japanese, it means “lotus.

31. Clover – A type of wildflower, Clover this name is perfect for parents who have a little hippie spirit in them.

32. Cosmos – A little bit out of this world, Cosmos is also part of the sunflower family.

33. Zephyr – You may know the name Zephyr as the Greek God of the wind, but it’s also a native South American flower.

Flower names by birth month

While you can name your child anything you’d like, we’re not sure every flower out there is suitable for a baby’s name. Pansy, for example, is a bit questionable.

Below are some of the flowers of each month that could also work for your baby’s name, if the timing fits. Every month has two flowers but we only listed the ones that would make cute names.

  • Primrose – February
  • Violet – February
  • Daisy – April
  • Lily (of the Valley) – May and (Water) Lily – July
  • Rose – June
  • Poppy – August
  • Aster – September
  • Marigold – October
  • Holly – December

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