31 Zippy Baby Names Starting with Z

You’ve heard of Zoe, Zara and Zachary before, but what about Zosia, Zion and Zayden? These are just a few of the zany baby names starting with Z that you won’t hear every day. If you’re on the hunt for an unusual Z baby name, then we’ve got 33 zippy choices to consider.

Take a look below and see if any of these Z baby names are a perfect match for your Bub.

31 Baby Names Starting with Z

As mentioned above, three baby names starting with Z make the most popular lists – Zoe and Zara on the girls’ top 100 and Zachary on the boys’ top 100 list.

But there are plenty more that may not be as popular but are still just as bright, bold and beautiful. Let’s check them out below:

1. Zalia – There are a few ways to spell this pretty name, which translates to “zealous” including Zahlia or Zaylia.

2. Zamara – This zippy name means “conscientious”.

3. Zahra – This is a less common version of the name Zara which means “flower”.

4. Zahara – Another bright choice is Zahara which translates to “shining” or “brilliant” in Hebrew.

5. Zosia – This name is incredibly unique not just because it starts with Z but because of its unusual pronunciation. You’d assume Zosia would be ZO-SEE-AH. But, it’s actually ZAH-SHAH.

6. Zaylee – Similar to Hayley, Zaylee is an invented name that is taking off. Other spelling options include Zaylie, Zayleigh and Zaleigh.

7. Zelda – This powerful name has witchy vibes all over it. Not only is it magical but it’s also got that vintage old grannie cool vibe to it.

8. Zayden – A little bit zany, Zayden follows the YDEN trend that we’ve seen in so many other names – Brayden, Jayden, etc.

9.  Zella – Meaning “one who knows the way”, Zella is a lovely name for your new addition.

10. Zia – Edgy and sweet at the same time, Zia is sure to stand out in the crowd. Zia has a few different meanings including “light” and “splendor”.

11. Zeta – It’s the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet, making it a lovely choice for your 6th baby or any Bub born on the 6th.

12. Zion – This is a high and mighty name if we’ve ever seen one! Zion translates to “highest point” in Hebrew.

13. Zera – Another meaningful name, Zera means “beginnings” and is the perfect choice for any firstborn Bub to mark the start of a family.

14. Zinnea – Energetic and edgy, Zinnia is a flower name that’s not as common as Lily, Violet and Rose.

15. Zuri – Of  Swahili origin, Zuri means “beautiful”.

16. Zander – While Zander doesn’t make the top 100 list, it’s pretty common as far as Z baby names go. Zander is short for Alexander.

17. Ziva – This radiant name means “light of God”.

18. Zealand – We love a geographical name and Zealand is certainly one you won’t hear every day.

19. Zayn – This name has many spelling choices including Zain, Zane and Zaine. It means “gift from God”.

20. Zed – Short, simple and easy to spell, Zed has a lot of cute qualities.

21. Zepplin – Rock ‘n roll name if we’ve ever seen one, Zepplin is also a great name for any adventurers out there who want their little one to reach for the clouds.

22. Zephyr – A weather name, Zephyr is a name for the west wind, a lovely name for your breezy baby.

23. Zaki – You’ve heard of Zach and Zachary but what about the shortened version of Zaki which means “pure”?

24. Zali – Another short name that’s fit for a princess, Zali actually means “princess”.  It’s considered an Australian name and derived from the Hebrew name Sarah.

25. Zeke – Zeke stems from the name Ezekiel meaning “God strengthens”.

26. Zenon – Cute, calming and a little bit supernatural, Zenon comes from the name Zeus, the leader in Greek mythology.

27. Zuma – The perfect moniker for your laid-back little dude, Zuma means “peace”.

28. Zarin A Persian name meaning “golden”, this is another sunny choice for your cherub.

29. ZiggyPlayful and fun, Ziggy may break the top 100 in the next few years as it’s considered a big riser in the baby name world.

30. Zaire – A bold geographical option, Zaire means “the river that swallows all rivers”.

31. Zen – We’ll end with a short and sweet name, Zen, which is calm, collected and cute too.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of baby names starting with Z. Check out our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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