15 Family-Friendly Pasta Recipes to Suit Every Budget in 2022!

If you’re feeling the squeeze on your grocery budget, pasta is always a great, inexpensive direction to go in! Here we have a stack of brilliant and super-yum pasta recipes for the whole family to enjoy. We have one-pot wonders, simple kids’ pasta, vegetarian options as well as how to turn a BBQ chicken into a helluva pasta bake!

Pasta: a delicious cheap eat!

Pasta can be as cheap (or as expensive ) as you want to make it. I’m pretty sure every toddler goes through a ‘pasta and grated cheese only’ phase before exploring other add-ins and it doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

From simple to more complex, we have a recipe to suit every taste and every budget, just take a look at the delicious options below…

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15 Perfect pasta recipes for every night of the week

1. Creamy pasta and chicken bake


If you need to make a BBQ chicken go that bit further, THIS is the way to do it. This creamy chicken pasta bake is brilliant for feeding the family, plus you can sneak some extra veggies into it – roast pumpkin pieces would be a *chef’s kiss* addition!

pasta recipes
BBQ chicken has never looked SO GOOD. Source: Supplied

2. TikTok’s viral fetta pasta


I think most of the world gave this delightful TikTok fetta pasta dish a crack last year – and why wouldn’t you want to give it a go? YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PEEL THE GARLIC for goodness sake!

pasta recipes
Voila! Dinner is done! Source: TikTok

3. Spicy vodka pasta


Aaaaah Gigi Hadid won us over with her now-famous spicy vodka pasta recipe. It’s creamy, it’s spicy and it’s saucy. What more could you want from a pot of pasta?

pasta recipes
Vodka – some for the pot, some for the chef. Source: Instagram

4. One-pot pasta


It’s enough for traditionalists to reel back in horror, but I’m telling you, it never fails to blow my mind that pasta CAN be cooked like this – it’s a one-pot pasta wonder dish!

one pot pasta recipe
One-pot pasta BLOWS MY MIND. Source: Supplied

5. Spaghetti and bacon meatball pasta


Feeling like you want to go the extra mile with a recipe that will really knock the socks off family and friends? Try this spaghetti and bacon meatballs recipe on for size. A mouthwateringly good Amatriciana sauce, thin lengths of spaghetti and delicious pork and pine nut meatballs. Enough talking, let’s eat!

spaghetti and bacon meatballs recipe
Holy bacon balls of YUM. Source: Supplied

6. Pastitsio


Aaaaah pastitsio – it’s Greek for pasta bake – but Greek or not, pastitsio is mighty delicious! And if cheese sauce is your most favourite thing ever, this is a recipe you’re not going to want to miss.

pasta recipe
Pastitsio – say it five times fast! Source: Supplied

7. Jamie Oliver’s three-ingredient gnocchi

VEGETARIAN? Yes, depending on your sauce choice

If you have some time up your sleeve or the kids are all screaming ‘we’re bored!’ why not have a crack at making Jamie Oliver’s gnocchi. Just three ingredients are all you need to make these fluffy morsels of potato pasta goodness, then top them with your favourite pasta sauce!

Jamie Oliver gnocchi recipe
Drooooooool. Source: Instagram

8. Spaghetti bolognese garlic cob loaf


We cut corners on our way to spaghetti perfection with a favourite spaghetti jar sauce, but boy, it’s worth it – just look at how brilliant this spaghetti bolognese garlic cob loaf is!

spaghetti cob loaf
Spaghetti cob loaf WITH GARLIC BUTTER CRUST. Source: Supplied

9. Sicilian-style pasta


Known as “pasta alla norma” in Italy, this Sicilian-style pasta makes tastebuds sing. Simple and elegant, a meat-free dinner that is easy to throw together on a weeknight. Don’t skimp on the herbs, they’re a must-have!

pasta recipe
Penne for days! Source: Mum’s Pantry

10. Cheese and tomato pasta


Four ingredients are all you need for this speedy cheese and tomato pasta. It’s a pasta sauce with a difference – using a tin of condensed soup! Who would’ve thought it could be THIS tasty?

pasta recipes
A kids’ favourite, you’ll see! Source: Mum’s Pantry

11. Basil pesto pasta


A favourite dish of mine, pesto pasta can be eaten both hot or cold which means leftovers are always devoured for lunch the next day. If you have someone who absolutely must eat meat, mix through some pulled BBQ chicken for quick results.

pasta recipes
Shut up and take my money, pesto for the win! Source: Mum’s Pantry

12. Eggplant pasta


An awesome dish to prep the night before and then pop in the oven the following night, this eggplant pasta recipe packs a plentiful punch to a hungry appetite – without the meat! A really nice way to introduce eggplant to kids as it takes on the sauce flavours. Yum!

pasta recipe
Eggplant takes on all the delicious flavours with this pasta recipe! Source: Mum’s Pantry

13. Capsicum and chilli linguini pasta recipe


A light tomato-based sauce with delicious pasta, this capsicum and chilli linguini dish has just a nice amount of spice without it being overwhelmingly hot. The recipe doesn’t contain any meat products but you could easily add chicken, pancetta or even prawns if you wanted to!

pasta recipe
Some like it hot! Source: Mum’s Pantry

14. Avocado, chilli and prawn spaghetti


An awesome midweek meal, easy to whip up, filling and BONUS points for getting some healthy seafood into bellies. Give this avocado, chilli and prawn spaghetti a try, you won’t regret it!

pasta recipes
Avocado in pasta recipes? YOU BET. Source: Mum’s Pantry

15. Garlic bread cob loaf

Ok, so technically NOT actual pasta, but hear me out. It’s always a given that garlic bread is the ultimate partner for any pasta dish, right? RIGHT. We created this gorgeous garlic bread cob loaf and it went down as an absolute treat at our family table – we’re sure it will at yours too!

pasta recipes
I mean c’mon now, cheesy garlic goodness pairs with all pasta recipes! Source: supplied

There you have it, folks, more pasta recipes than you can poke a spaghetti fork at – and ALL of them are utterly delicious and easy to make. The only question left to ask is which recipe are you going to start with!?

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