19 Stunning Christmas Desserts For Your Festive Table This Year

While a Christmas pudding is often the first choice for dessert on Christmas day, I can understand that it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for an alternative dessert to grace your festive table, we have options!!

There’s almost always that one person in the family who won’t eat sultanas, glace cherries, mixed peel or any combination of the above so it’s good to have more than one Christmas dessert on offer.

From cute and festive ice creams for the kids to crowd-pleasing cakes, here are 19 stunning Christmas desserts. The hard part is stopping at choosing just one or two. Having said that, it IS Christmas after all, so what the heck, choose with your dessert-loving heart!


19 Christmas desserts to delight every tastebud

Big Christmas desserts

If you have a crowd, a few big Christmas desserts will go far and are a good way of making desserts go further and please everyone’s tastes.

1. Chocolate ripple cake with Baileys and berries

If you’re yet to make a Choc Ripple cake – DO IT. It’s an incredibly quick, no-bake dessert hack and a complete crowd-pleaser. Layers of chocolate biscuit and sweet cream. What’s not to love?

Christmas desserts
A packet of Chocolate Ripple biscuits turns into a glorious Christmas dessert.

2. Easy pavlova dessert

Buying pavlova bases from the supermarket is the quickest pavlova hack you will ever find. All you need to do is dress them up! Check out these five decadent pavlovas using shop-bought bases!

Christmas desserts
Perfect shop-bought pavlova in a hurry, just dress it up and go!

3. Biscoff cherry cake

Move over black forest cake, there’s a new flavour in town – Biscoff cherry cake! A pretty cake, you could finish it off with a selection of Christmas treats on top or stick to icing sugar-dusted cherries. So yum.

Christmas desserts
Biscoff at Christmas? Definitely. Source: Woolworths

4. Pavlova made from scratch

Nothing will ever quite compare to pavlova made from scratch. It has a sensational crunchy shell and soft marshmallow centre that just can’t be beaten.

Christmas desserts
Everyone always has room for a slice of pavlova.

5. Delicious trifles of all kinds

Trifle is a controversial choice for many. A lot of people love each element separately, but not so much when mixed together. If you have no qualms about layering your dessert items, this trifle roundup is for you!

Christmas desserts
Trifle will always be a jewel in the crown of Christmas desserts. Source:

Individual Christmas desserts

As nice as it is to share, especially at this time of year, it’s equally as nice to have something all of your own. And that includes dessert. Perfectly portion controlled and with no messy serving situations to deal with, here’s our selection of individual Christmas desserts.

6. Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a brilliantly rich, airy, chocolate dessert recipe that you can make ahead in individual portions and keep in the fridge until needed.

Christmas desserts
Light, fluffy, chocolatey and Christmassy. Tick.

7. Espresso martini Eton mess

If your pavlova gets crushed in transit, this espresso martini Eton mess recipe is a fantastic backup plan and no one will be any the wiser.

espresso martini pavlova
Eton mess is ALWAYS a delicious hit.

8. Rudolph ice cream cones

Sometimes kids, especially younger ones, just love a simple dessert. So chocolate ice cream turned into adorable Rudolph cones it is!

Christmas desserts
Sometimes simple is best. Chocolate ice cream for the win! Source: Mum’s Pantry

9. Fudgy choc chunk brownies

This classic dessert CAN be given a festive makeover, you bet! Christmas tree fudgy choc chunk brownies served with a side of ice cream is a perfect Christmas dessert choice.

Christmas desserts
Brownies get a festive makeover and don’t they look yum? Source: Supplied

10. Layered jelly cups

I mean, just look at these gorgeous layered jelly cups. Layered jelly screams Christmas with its merry red and white stripes.

Christmas desserts
Layered jelly cups scream Christmas!

Pull-apart Christmas desserts

Christmas desserts that are designed to be pulled apart and shared, we have some of those too!

11. Christmas wreath meringue dessert

This delicious Christmas wreath is a dessert made quickly and easily using store-bought meringue nests and arranging them in the shape of a wreath.

Christmas desserts
So pretty and so simple to put together!

12. Nutella pull-apart Christmas tree

This Nutella pull-apart Christmas tree dessert is perfect for when you just want a sweet something to share but don’t want to go to the whole hassle of an elaborate dessert.

Christmas desserts
Even Nutella has a place on the Christmas table.

13. Cinnamon scroll Christmas tree

While cinnamon scrolls are an unlikely Christmas dessert item, they’re certainly delicious. And because of that, this cinnamon scroll Christmas tree would make a great sweet option for a Christmas breakfast or bunch so they’re still earning their place.

Christmas desserts
If it’s Christmas shaped, it’s Christmas fodder. Source: Supplied

Sweet little Christmas desserts

These sweet treats are brilliant Christmas desserts for families who aren’t really dessert people. They’re more a sweet little something to finish a meal with a cup of coffee or glass of bubbles. They also make great fillers if you’re creating a large Christmas dessert table.

14. Jelly slice

Jelly slice with a layer of red jelly on top is a must-have at Christmas time. Closely followed by lemon-yellow jelly.

Christmas desserts
Jelly slice: Classic, understated, can’t go wrong. Source: Bigstock

15. Caramilk rocky road

A favourite slice to eat – and gift – at Christmas, Caramilk chocolate just adds another layer of deliciousness to this classic. We give you Caramilk rocky road!

Christmas desserts
Caramilk lovers, this one is for you!

16. Melted snowmen chocolates

One for the kids’ table and best reserved if you live in a cooler area of our country, melted snowmen chocolates are a hit with the kids.

Christmas desserts
Have chocolate, but make it festive.

17. Rudolph reindeer biscuits

A fun Christmas dessert, morning tea or late-night snack, no-bake Rudolph reindeer biscuits are almost too cute to eat. You just need to keep a packet of TimTams around long enough to decorate them.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits
These guys are almost too cute to eat. Note I said almost.

18. Fun kids rocky road

If you thought all rocky road was the same? You’d be wrong! This fun kids’ rocky road is especially for little people, containing one of nearly everything from the lolly aisle. It’s sure to win you ‘best aunt’ status at Christmas.

Christmas desserts
Christmas desserts: the kids will LOVE rocky road!

19. Pie maker fruit mince pies

If you’re not scoffing down fruit mince pies at any opportunity, is it really even Christmas? Even better, these fruit mince pies can be whipped up using your pie maker.

christmas desserts
You can make your very own fruit mince pies in your pie maker at home!

Have any of these dessert choices tickled your tastebuds? We’d love to hear what your favourite Christmas desserts are and sweet treats are at this time of year. Please share them with us in the comments below.

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