30 Pretty and Unique Baby Names Starting with P

Go beyond Piper, Poppy, Parker and Polly and allow us to introduce you to some of the cutest P baby names that you won’t see on any top 100 lists (yet).

These P baby names stand out for their uniqueness but they aren’t too out there. In other words – they are totally useable without being too popular.

Before we introduce you to our top picks for unique baby names starting with P, let’s first delve into the most popular P baby names right now.

Out of the top 200 baby names of 2023, 7 were P names. These include:

  1. Piper
  2. Pippa
  3. Poppy
  4. Phoebe
  5. Penelope
  6. Parker
  7. Patrick

Other common P names that you’ve probably heard at least once, and probably know someone with the name, include vintage options like Polly, Prudence, Philip, Peter and Paul.

Unique Baby Names Starting with P

1. Persephone – Definitely a bold choice, Persephone was a Greek heroine and Queen of the Underworld. Very dark, mysterious and edgy, indeed.

2. Poe – A literary name, Poe is not only poetic but also quite cute. You may want to go with the edgy name Poet and use Poe as a nickname.

3. Pallas – This P baby name isn’t one we’ve heard often but it’s very pretty. Pallas is another Greek moniker meaning “wisdom”.

4. Perry – Perry is a gender-neutral name with a vintage vibe.

5. Pia  – A cute three-letter name and alternative to Mia, Pia means “pious” or “reverent”.

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6. Paxton – The longer form of Pax, which means “peace”.

7. Phineas – This name has a charming, adventurous appeal to it and means “oracle” in Hebrew.

8. Phaedra – A unique and pretty choice for your little shining light, Phaedra means “bright” in Greek.

9. Pandora – This heavy hitter of a name is a good one for any wild, curious spirit.

10. Pascal – If you’re expecting an Easter baby, Pascal is the perfect choice as it means “born at Easter”. Cute!

11. Pascale – This is the feminine version of Pascal.

12. Pasha – Another Easter baby name, Pasha is a Russian name meaning “little” and is traditionally given to boys born on Good Friday.

13. Philo – Another Greek option, Philo means “loving” and could be a good choice for those who like the O ending (think Theo, Hugo and Milo).

14. Powell – A popular surname, Powell also works for a modern and edgy first name.

15. Portia – A Shakespearean name, Portia is one of Shakespeare’s most popular heroines. But Portia means “pig” in Latin – something to be aware of if you are into baby name meanings.

16. Percival – This old-school name is regal and vintage with a knightly charm to it. Shorten it to Percy for a cute unique nickname.

17. Paige/Page – Although this name isn’t that unique, we wanted to include it anyway. Paige means “attendant” and is a cute one-syllable option.

18. Pixie – Playful and a bit cheeky, Pixie is another supernatural name perfect for fairy lovers.

19. Paisley – A little bit country and western, Paisley means “church”.

20. Presley – The perfect name for any rock ’n roller, Presley is also a pastoral name, meaning “near the priest’s meadow”.

21. Primrose – There’s something so elegant about this name which is a flower name meaning “first rose”. A beautiful choice for any spring baby blooming.

22. Posie – Another flower baby name starting with P, Posie is playful and perky, meaning “small flower”.

Phoenix baby name - Baby Names starting with P
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23. Phoenix – This is one of the fieriest baby names starting with P, which means “dark red”. In Greek mythology, it’s the name of an immortal bird who could rise from its own ashes. Very dark and dramatic.

24. Peyton – We expect to see Peyton or Payton creeping into the top 100 very soon but for now, it’s still considered a unique baby name.

25. Pearl – A gem of a name, Pearl is elegant and pretty.

26. Pike – This name means “fish” and is a fun one for any fishing families out there.

27. Pippie – Piper and Poppy are both in the top 100 but combine them and you get something fun and fresh – Pippie!

28. Pau – A Spanish option, Pau means “peace”.

29. Paris – A unisex baby name, Paris comes from the French city, also known as the city of love.

30. Preston – An Old English boy’s name, Preston means’ “priest’s town”.

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