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Names Starting with M: 31 Magical Yet Unique Baby Names

Matthew, Michael, Mia and Mel – names starting with M have always been popular and M baby names often have a place in the top 10 on baby name lists, from the popular Mason to the vintage Morris.

The rise of the M baby names

Growing up, names starting with M were all over the place too. We had Melanie, Michelle and Megan as well as Mike and Mark in every classroom. In the 00s the M names continued with Madison, Madeline, Matty and Max making their way to the top.

In 2023, 10 of the top 100 baby girl names start with an M including Mia and Matilda, both in the top 10. Additional names include Mila, Millie, Maya, Maisie, Margot, Maggie, Maeve and Mackenzie.

For boys, 4 of the top 100 starts with an M including Max, Mason, Michael and Muhummed.

Even old-school names like Mary and Maisie are still used today

If you’re after something a little more unique, then check out these magical yet unique baby names starting with M.

Baby Names Starting with M – 31 Magical Choices 

  • Micah – We predict Micah might make it into the top 100 next year as it is gaining traction. This pretty-sounding name means “like God” and is also a gemstone.
  • Marley – A little bit vintage and a whole lot cute, Marley works for any gender and has a bit of a woodsy appeal to it. It means “pleasant wood”.
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  • Milan – A charming name meaning “gracious” or “kind”.
  • Marlowe – Meaning “from the hill by the lake”, Marlowe is a nature name with both pastoral and literary connotations.
  • Matteo – This peppy name is the Italian equivalent of Matthew and can be shortened to the cute Teo (Tay-o).
  • Maren – Meaning “star of the sea”, Maren is whimsical and sweet.
  • Mira – Another water-themed name, Mira means “ocean” in some languages but is also associated with peace and power.
  • Maverick – Meaning “independent”, Maverick is another strong M baby name that’s feisty and unique. Mav is also pretty cool as a nickname.
  • Maelie – The name Mae is growing in popularity but we haven’t seen Maelie very much. This pretty name means “princess”.
  • Malachi – A Biblical name, Malachi means “messenger of God”.
  • Mckenna – This fiery name is a cute alternative to Mackenzie and means “born of fire”, a hot choice for any little one born in one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).
  • Meric – or Merrick if you prefer, isn’t a M baby name you hear often but it’s quite charming. Meric means “fame or power”.
  • Milo – A delicious drink and a cute name!
  • Malik – A royal option, Malik means “king”.
names beginning with M - Malik
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  • Mavise – Embedded in French roots, Mavise means “songbird”.
  • Malia – Another really pretty-sounding name starting with M, Malia means “calm” or “peaceful” and is a lovely alternative to Mia or Maia.
  • Myla – A name fit for a little warrior, Myla means “soldier” or “merciful”.
  • Mack – While it could be considered a nickname, Mack is quite strong on its own and means “greatest”.
  • Macklynn – For a longer version, consider Macklynn.
  • Maitland – Wild and whimsical, Maitland means “untamed”.
  • Maliyah – In Hawaiian, this name means “calm” and “peaceful”.
  • Mabel – We love the vintage vibe of Mabel which was popular 100 years ago and deserves a major comeback.
  • Mercy – If you’re a fan of virtue names, Mercy makes a unique alternative to more common ones like Grace and Hope.
  • Maple – A lovely natural option, Maple is as sweet as can be.
  • Merida – If you’re a Disney/Pixar fan, you’ll know this name, which means “one who has achieved a high honour”.
  • Marabella – A long and elegant choice, Marabella is a cute alternative to the more popular Isabella.
  • Mylan – A Slavic name that means “gracious”.
  • Miyo – This Japanese name comes with a lovely meaning –  “beautiful child”.
  • Merritt – With Old English roots, this name means “boundary gate”.
  • Miller – Another old English name, Miller is often seen as a surname but can make a cute first name too.
  • Maylin – There are a few cute ways to spell this one – Maelin, Mailyn or Maylynn. This lovely name means “beautiful Jade”.

Stay tuned for our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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