19 Unique and Underrated Names Starting with U


If you’re after an uncommon and unique baby name, you really can’t go past a name starting with U. After all, you can’t spell unique without U! Names starting with U are few and far between and you probably won’t find many kids in your child’s preschool class with a U name.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a single U baby name listed on the most popular baby names in Australia. But this certainly doesn’t mean cute U baby names don’t exist. It simply means you have to dig a little deeper to find them.

Well, parents-to-be, we’ve done the digging and uncovered some real gems! Check out Mum Central’s top picks for baby names starting with U.

baby names starting with U
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Uncommon Names Starting with U 

1. Uma Let’s start with one you’ve probably heard of before. Uma means “splendour” or “tranquillity” and is a lovely alternative to some of the more popular three-letter names like Mia, Ivy and Eve.

2. Uliana – This pretty name is similar to Juliana or Liliana and means “youthful”.

3. Unity – A unique name indeed, Unity is a lovely name for your little one who brought the family together.

4. Urban – Meaning “from the city”, Urban is a bit bougie – hip yet posh and ideal for any city dwellers.

5. Uriah – The “iah” ending is a common choice for baby names. Think Mariah, Nariah, Josiah and Isaiah. Uriah, which means “God in my light”, could be the next big thing.

6. Uri – Meaning “my light, my flame”, Uri was originally a nickname for Uriah and is also related to Uriel. We think it’s pretty cute on its own.

7. Uta – Another short and sweet option, Uta means “song” in Japanese and “prosperity” in German.

8. Ursula – Okay, so this name will forever be connected to a sea witch, but if you love the dark side of Disney, then Ursula may be a harmonious choice.

9. Uziel – Pronounced “oozy-elle”, Uziel means “power” or “strength”.

10. Ulysses – If you’re a fan of Roman literature, you’ll know this name well (the Roman version of Odysseus). If you are a fan of butterflies, this name may also fly.

11. Ulesi – This is the Latin variation of Odysseus.

12. Una – This little name means little “lamb” and is a variation of Oona or Oonagh.

13. Uaine – Prounced oo-in-ya, this unique choice means “green colour”.

17. Udella – Udella means “wealthy” and is a lovely alternative to Odelle.

18. Ulla – This powerful U baby name means “determination” and is a lovely choice to give any little fighter.

19. Urson – A variation of Orson, Urson means “bear cub”.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of baby names starting with U. Check out our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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