30 Baby Names Starting with T that Aren’t Too Trendy

T has always been a top choice for baby names. From the classics we grew up with like Tara and Tyler, to the popular choices of today such as Thea and Theodore.

But what about the names starting with T that are elegant, charming, strong, and unique? Look no further! Mum Central’s resident baby name expert has rounded up the best T baby names that you probably won’t hear often. Check them out below:

But first, the most popular T baby names

Last year there were just 5 T names that made the top 200 most popular names in Australia including:

  • Thea
  • Thomas
  • Theodore
  • Theo
  • Tommy

Unique baby names starting with T 

1. Tate – Tate isn’t the most unique name we’ve come across but it’s still really cute and one you probably won’t come across often. Tate means “cheerful”.

2. Thoryn – Fans of Thor may like this one which is a made-up name but follows the ‘yn’ ending trend.

3. Thora – Another TH winner, Thora is both elegant and vintage. Serious old lady cool.

4. Tessa – A short and pretty version of Teresa, Tessa is fresh and fun.

5. Titus – Strong and powerful, Titus was considered a title of honour in Ancient Rome.

6. Tao – This name is rooted in a lot of cultures – In Japanese, it’s a popular girl’s name, in Chinese it means “long life”.

7. Taj – Strong, mighty and powerful, the name Taj glitters with royal connotations and actually means “crown”.

8. Tobias – A lovely biblical option, Tobias is common for boys, but what about for your little girl? A little girl named Toby sounds just divine!

9. Tai – A cute option for a little girl, or Tye, for a little boy.

10. Tora – A lovely and softer alternative to Torie, Tora means “tiger”.

11. Terra – This earthy name is also catching on and is great for any baby born under an earth Zodiac sign. 

Baby names starting with T
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12. Tallulah – Another fresh and fun T baby name, Tallulah means “leaping water” and is often shortened to Tully.

13. Twain – A great choice for any literature fans out there.

14. Tinley – Tinley follows the trendy name mould to a T but we haven’t heard it much yet.  We predict Tinley will rise with the likes of Oakley, Kensie and Paislee.

15. True – Virtue names are nothing new but True isn’t one you hear every day, unless, of course, you follow the Kardashians.

16. Trinity – Spiritual and sweet, Trinity will always have connections to the number ‘three’. It might be a good choice if bub is born on the 3rd, is the 3rd child or is born in March (3rd month).

17. Tristen – We are surprised that Tristen hasn’t punctured the top 100 most popular list yet but it remains an uncommon T baby name. Tristan means “sad” – perhaps not the best meaning for your new joy.

18. Theodora – Hello retro cool! If you love longer names, Theodora is both elegant and regal.

19. Talon – A fiery one to pierce the baby name list, Talon is a bird’s claw and symbolises determination.

20. Taya – Meaning “home”, Taya is another cute name starting with T that you don’t hear often.

21. Tennyson – A very formal option, Tennyson exudes power and charm.

22. Torin – Of Irish origin, Torin means “chief”.

23. Tasmin – An iconic Aussie name, Tasmin means “she who fulfils”.

24. Tamsin – Another similar name is Tamsin, which means “twin”.

25. Thalia – A name fit for a goddess, Thalia was a Greek goddess known for her beauty, charm and wit. The name means “to blossom”.

26. Tali – Meaning “my lamb”, this lovely short name is warm and edgy. It might make a good choice if you do like the four-letter names like Mila, Lily or Eden.

27. Trixie – The shortened version of Beatrix, Trixie is playful to stand on its own.

28. Tova – This vibrant name means “pleasing” and is fiery and fun.

29. Titania – A little bit magical, Titania is the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

30 Tynan – This unique name means “dark” and could be a more unique alternative to Tyler, Tyson and other Ty names.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of baby names starting with T. Check out our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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