30 Vibrant Baby Names Starting with V

FUN FACT: Out of the top 200 baby names (100 boys and 100 girls) in Australia last year, only two of them started with the letter V. Can you guess which ones?

HINT: One’s a flower.

Guess it? It’s Violet and it’s one of the prettiest baby names starting with V. The other one? Vincent of course! And what a handsome choice. However, if you’re looking for a V baby name that’s not quite as common, we’ve got some valiant choices!

V is a pretty cool letter in itself with words like Valentine, Victory and Valiant attached to it. It’s also rooted in the Latin vi, or “strength,” which is why so many V baby names sound regal and powerful.

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While names like Violet, Veronica and Victoria are lovely, they are also pretty well-known. We’ve opted to stick to the names that you may not hear every day for our round-up of names starting with V.

So, without further ado, check out these 25 vibrant V baby names.

30 Very Cute but Unique Names Starting with V

1. Valentine/Valentina – The perfect name for any baby born in February, Valentine or Valentina means “strength” or “health” – two awesome virtues to bestow onto your bub.

2. Vada – a lovely four-letter name choice, Vada (or Veda) means “knowledge”.

3. Vin – Short for Vincent, Vin is also sweet on its own, especially if you like three-letter names.

4. Venus – Tennis ace, the Roman goddess and a planet, Venus comes with plenty of meanings and ethereal charm.

5. Vera – Another elegant V baby name, Vera comes with fashionista connotations but also means “faith” in Italian.

6. Von – A little bit Viking and a whole lot cute, this short moniker means “hope”. How fitting!

7. Vienna – A fancy place name, Vienna is bold and pretty.

8. Virginia – If you’d like a longer name, Virginia is a top pick. It’s an American state and comes with classic Southern charm and a cute nickname of Ginny.

9. Vivian – Another name that fits this mould is Vivian which also comes with that retro vibe. Old-school granny names making a comeback you know! And Vivi is a pretty trendy nickname.

10. Vernon A name that screams vintage cool, Vernon means “place of alders”.

11. Viggo – Another powerful choice, Viggo means war and is certainly fitting for a little fighter.

12. Vanya – This pretty name means “god is gracious”.

13. Vivendel – A name you most certainly won’t hear every day, Vivendel means “honeysuckle flower” and is a name blossoming with ethereal vibes.

14. Vita – Pretty and powerful, Vita means “life” and what a meaningful name choice for the light of your life.

15. Vance – A Joy-ful option.

16. Valley – While technically #NotaName, Valley might start cropping up more often.

17. VeroFrom the Latin “great hero,” Vero is a strong name for a little man.

18. Veer – Okay so this is a verb, but it’s also a rare baby boy name of Sanskrit origin that translates to “brave”.

19. Verity – Probably one of the most virtuous names on our list, Verity means “truth”.

20. Vianna – A trendy option to the more obvious Vivian, Vianna means “alive” but also “gracefulness”.

21. Vinnie – Vinnie is a common nickname for Vincent but we love it on its own. It’s cute, charming and a little bit cheeky.

22. VeridianHere’s another long name choice that might suit you if you like colour names. Veridian means “green”.

23. Veralynn – Adding ‘lynn’ to the end of names is a pretty common thing in names (Brooklyn, Oaklynn, Annalyn, Adalyn) so why not Veralynn?

24. Velia – Velia means “concealed”.

25. Vyla – I find this elegant name to be one of the prettiest unique V baby names on the list. It’s powerful but also pretty.

26. Valen – Another valiant name, Valen means “strong”.

27. Varin – Varin has that warrior feel to it and means “to defend”.

28. Vegas – If you’re looking for a name that stands out, Vegas will certainly do the trick! This bold and bright name is dazzling with party vibes.

29. Vedder –  Whether you’re a fan of Pearl Jam or not, Vedder is certainly a rocking choice.

30. Vala – Vala translates to “chosen one,” which could be the perfect meaningful baby name for your little bundle of joy.

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